Smoky Blue's Flavorah Zone

Hi, I am Smoky Blue… and this is my vendor thread. :slight_smile:

What am I selling? I sell shots, not your average shots as I go by bottle size and not by percentage.
I do not ship outside the USA, however, a simple mail forwarding service can help if you are really interested in my shots. They are a great way to sample Flavorah flavors.

I also do a lot of tutorials for mixing with Flavorah. I will be posting up some of my tutorials real soon!
Love to see folks learn, so any questions just ask. :slight_smile:

These 2 links should help out:

My rate of usage, thanks to @SessionDrummer

This pdf will be changing soon. Newer flavors will be coming within the next month-ish… and I know I might have a couple of typos. Will announce when I change it.

This next pdf is all of my old recipes from elr. A total of 898 recipes. I hope that there are a lot of good ones in there, and I will be creating new recipes here too.

Hope you enjoy the books.

As for my website, it’s still taking a back seat to everything. If you would like to see a list of the shots, use the recipe pdf. I can mix anything in there, as well as custom requests :slight_smile:

Cheers! :beers: and thank you to both @Steampugs and @Grubby for a fantastic site.
This place is just awesome! :tada: :+1: :kissing_heart:


Added a few new recipes… might want to check them out. :smiley:


Super outstanding, and a TON of work to list STT (Starting To Taste) levels, Max Levels, and Preferred levels. Easy to read format.


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Typos… will be editing this… if anyone sees something funky, let me know…

Mango 2 | 28 Missing the “8”

I know there are a few too down towards the bottom area too.

Thanks @SessionDrummer :smiley:


I added a few more recipes… :smiley:


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My website is back up with some of my older notes…
I am not done yet… I have a lot more to post up.

I have had issues with script kiddies… so if you do happen to see something is off… let me know.
Of course, all of my images are gone, will try to replace them at some time.

There will not be any comments on the blog, but if you want to pm me, that’s fine :slight_smile:
Here or on fb :tada:

FLVFan website, click for ride!


Ahh yes!! :smiley:

Will just drop this one here… :stuck_out_tongue:


I just need a good glass of iced cold milk now :slight_smile:


Ok… I have a new link…

First: If you will do me a flavor haaha!! click my affiliate link, so I get some credit too for the sale.
I really would appreciate it…

My Affiliate link

It is for anyone looking to save some funds… It’s 15% off FLV direct from FLV…

15% off Promo!

No code needed!!


Thanks for the Promo code @SmokyBlue! :hugs:


It’s only going to last thru the end of next month…
Will have to get them to extend it… if I can :slight_smile:

You really need to try coconut, Rocky… I go thru a lot of it lately… I am hooked once again.
It’s in my bourbon cream brulee too. Will have to pop the recipe up :rocket:


Hmm, maybe next go-round, I’ve been doing quite a few FLV recipes lately and really having fun with them :ok_hand: I just today realized I do indeed have the Cookie in my stash :man_shrugging:
Congrats on the bump up to the Special Vendors category :tada:
I was looking at your Wacka Wacka recipe, missing everything but the sweetness but I do have watermelon, funny I don’t see any watermelon in it :thinking:


ooops… adding it right now… it does have watermelon in it… agg!!! check back in a few minutes :slight_smile:

Thanks Rocky!! and yeah you really do not need sweetness but with it, it really is outrageous!


I can’t get over how much detailed flavor information @SmokyBlue put in here …


I need to adjust it once the new flavors are released.
Need to release my flavor notes too… I’m just running out of time, Sd…
One of these days… :slight_smile:


And those might be :thinking:
Perhaps Wintergreen :yum: (and maybe Black Pepper) :man_shrugging:


I can hook you up with some wintergreen, @Rocky02852
I don’t think either of those will be in this batch but maybe the next one! :slight_smile:


Oh thanks for the offer, but I already have wintergreen. Just not “FLAVORAH” Wintergreen, for some reason I’ve been doing a lot of All Flavorah recipes recently (wonder where I got that idea :man_shrugging:)
I’d love to redo my Bubblegum Base in FLV :ok_hand:

I have Rich Cinnamon to replace the TFA but without wintergreen (key ingredient) it’s a No Go :slightly_frowning_face: