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Hello, just wanted to start an unofficial WF discussion. Since I obligated myself to full notes since I basically got all of their SC’s at one time, I will eventually add them in the official notes section. But for now, I wanted to have a casual conversation with you guys, since a lot of you have tried a lot of these.

Also, continuing in the Sous Vide 101 thread is not really helpful for either topic.

Anyway, first one I wanted to discuss is Candy Stick Candy. For the Yanks, these are known in life as the candy cigarettes we used to get in our Easter baskets, that I loved. So this was one of the first ones I found interest in with the sample box.

Initial impressions at 2%… I like it but it is extremely weak. It smells exactly like them. I got a little on my tongue and the liquid tastes exactly like them. But the vape is weak. I will try this one above the 4% recommendation because I can’t fathom it coming alive at 4. But it’s one I have hopes for after testing. It is, at least, true to the profile.


Good idea with this new topic specific thread. We were wandering around in the Sous V thread a lot and while it was all intertwined, it was IMO too broad a range. :+1:


Another one I wanted to have as a single mixer is Pumpkin Candy. I don’t know why they didn’t call it Candy Corn, since the mellocreme pumpkins are pretty much the same thing. Anyway, this one is really disappointing (so far). It reminds me of TFA Brown Sugar, and/or a few Moon Sugar variants I have tried over the years. Bummed.


And meant to mention… the wife really liked Cola Gummy Candy a lot. Said it was pretty spot on per the description, but again a bit too weak. So that one may work as a single eventually too.


@Sprkslfly, I am responding here so we can take this up in this thread.

I agree with you. But really was blind with WF going in, and trying to knock out 102 testers with varying % per seemed (seems) like n ugly challenge.


Good point about the muting thoughts. The shame is that the manufacturers put a blanket range on % suggested, and it can be wildly wrong. Amazing in my feeble mind to think that a weak 2% may actually be far too strong. But a valid thought for sure.

*(And the requisite “I hate you, testing” inserted here)


I’ve been in and manually updated the Wonder Flavours to include the (SC) variant


I understand why you say you can’t see them coming alive at 4%, but look at it this way; if your initial tests are at 2% then bumping them to 4% is literally doubling the amount of flavor in your mix, and 3% would be 50% more flavor.

I really like sc flavors because you don’t have to use much, but it also makes them difficult cause sometimes an extra .1% could be too much. Flavorah rich cinnamon is a great example, where one drop in 20ml is too much but one drop in 30ml is just right lol. I’m really hoping my brother gets his duns# soon so I can help you out with the testing, the more the merrier lol.


Your input will be (hell, already is) very welcome.


I like to start high with these so I know what they taste like and where the limits probably are before they get weird. For example, when I mixed Shortbread cookie I tested at 3% and while dripping it screamed peanut butter cookie to me. Same with others. I knew that Angel Cake was considered “light” and immediately when testing said strawberry would be good…straw cake, straw shortcake, add whipped cream and frosting etc. My point is that I don’t expect anything to be a standalone and instead use single flavor tests as to determine where I want to try to go with them if that makes any sense.


A small excerpt from a conversation I had with Frank about WF just before xmas

Hopefully there is something in the pipeline along these lines but who knows


Ok. So where does he say the %'s need to be.


He didn’t specify for any specific flavours.
A friend of mine is working through them slowly here are his notes so far

If i can dig up Marybeth’s videos and link them here I will

EDIT: they are mixed in with these videos


Yes, and that’s the path I will have to take here as well. I’d hoped I would find a few gems (maybe irrationally hoped even) and maybe I still will. That candy cigarette is one… Yes I can see it would be a nice background illumination for a candy recipe, but I would really like to see it as a successful standalone since that is specifically a profile I would love in the rotation.


The notes and video’s are great. Thanks.


Did some adjustments yesterday in new batches, and added a few new ones. Candy stick came more alive at 6% but is right at the limit. Any more would probably be chemically. Will try 4.5% next time. Showing promise.

Peanut Brittle is actually really good at 5%. More later when I’m at the laptop.


All of the second phase of WF testing was done at a minimum of double the % of the first test. Some I exceeded that even, going above the manufacturer’s rating by a decent bit. None of them so far have shown ‘muting’. Some have probably exceeded the intended profile, to the point of a wee bit chemically. Sour Worm Candy is one that I believe 6% is too far. It is a rather sour, but not pleasantly sour vape now. Sour more like acidy sour rather than candy fun sour.

Carrot Cake, Candy Stick Candy, Cola Gummy Candy, Dweeb Candy, Banana Candy and Chews Candy off the top of my head are all pretty damn vapable at 6%. I haven’t tried Nanaimo Bar v2 yet, mixed that at 5% as well. Oh, S’mores Cupcakes I did at 5% and it’s a good one. May not tweak it further.

I suppose I am a bit like @mrpipes. I really like intense flavor. The tests I made tasted like the profile intended, they were just too weak for my liking. And of course these are all being tested as standalone juices. Recipe creation is for another day.


Of course there are other ways but that is how I like to test. Either find a sweet spot or find its limit and then adjust when you add other things. You are likely a much more experienced recipe creator than I am. But yeah, its DIY. We can all learn from each other but the bottom line is do what works for you.

I like the S’mores cupcake too. Oats and Cream cookie is good. I gotta order the pretzel LOL.


I about fell of the toilet when I read that! #vooping

I’m not super experienced like some of the masters here…


Just a thought… But adding the atty, coil used, and power that you’re testing with might be a useful addition (both for your own records, as well as the general public) from the standpoint of seeing how results might vary across platforms and heat levels. :wink:

(Just remembering how some flavors need lower heat, others need higher heat, and also how atties can play a role in “what flavor shines” [or gets ‘the spotlight’] in a mix.)

Of course, all contributions are appreciated (regardless)! :wink:

Flavor Perception in Varying Wattages