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OK, glad you mentioned this. I’m one of the ones who really does not notice a difference in flavor based on gear and power. This has been true my whole vaping life. I’ve read a lot that people can detect different subtleties/flavors/nuances when using different setups, for instance maybe someone says ‘I start to taste banana up around 80w’ or ’ the creams are more dominant’, and shit like that. Part of me thinks some people are talking out their ass to look smart-like. But for me, the only thing I have ever been able to detect is the intensity of a flavor; the actual flavor remains the same across all gear and power settings. I guess I’m weird. Anyway-

I have tried these on three different setups.

Iron Maiden RDTA: Dual spaced SS316L, 26g, 6 wraps each, 3.5MM ID, .3 or so Ohms, 46w.

13 Heavens/9 Hells RDA and Dead Rabbit original RDA: Single, spaced SS316L, 26g, 6 wraps, 3.5MM ID, Ohms .6-ish, 26w.

The RDA’s are a more intense flavor, but it is unchanged between all of the gear as far as the actual flavor is concerned. Not helpful, sorry.


Which brings me to a request… can you tell me how I can get this to work? You, and others, seem so confident that some or all flavors respond differently at different wattages, but I have never been able to pull that trick off. I always just get the same old flavor (which is fine, actually). I suppose it is possible that my taste buds are fried like that one lone fry in the McDonald’s grease that fell out of the basket and languished for days at the bottom of the fryer. Or it is possible I am just unsophisticated when it comes to the subtleties and nuances of vape juices, or it is possible I am too stupid to notice. But I can’t ever get different notes to emerge in different setups or powers.


I’m not wanting to toss a wrench into the works, but shouldn’t this be a separate topic? I think these are valid questions which may lead to input worthy of of its own heading. But temperatures vaped at is relevant to flavor discussions. So I dunno. :thinking:


Probably a topic that could be a stand-alone, if someone wants to make one. Lazy ass doesn’t want to right now.

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Mixed last night and came up with what promises to be an excellent peanut butter cookie. Still a WIP but WF shortbread cookie @ 3% plus your favorite peanut butter and .5 stevia is very good. I plan to play with it a little more but will post a recipe. I used TFA PB and want to try some others.


Can’t wait!!


So…hows the WF testing going?


BCF has new WF flavors. If you or anyone has tried the following kindly let me know. I have them in a cart but thought I’d ask first. (I need more flavors like a hole in the head)

(All are SC)
Milk Caramel Candy
Graham Cracker Pie Crust
Flapper Pie ( I have no idea what a Flapper Pie is)
Chocolate Cookie Crust
Cream Puff
Pretzel Dough
Vanilla Ice Cream


Haven’t moved past the first load yet. Giving them all a fair shake. Pretzel Dough will be on the next run though. Looking forward to it.


Cola Gummy Worms at 6% has become my current favorite of the increased % tests. It reminds me (and the wife) of those cola flavored slushies you can get at convenience stores. Not all too candy like, but definitely artificial cola flavor. Really a good one that to me they missed the correct name for. Cola Slushie seems to be more fitting.

It will be a little while before I try new ones though. But I’ll report in when I do.


Thanks for the insight!


I haven’t gotten to mixing new testers, but a few of the first batch I’ve recently tried are below. These are at the universal 2% I started with. They are among the last I’ve tried because I wasn’t really looking too forward to them or expecting much.

Strawberry Milk (SC) - Weak, little milk and harsh strawberry. At 2%, at least, not really memorable.

Champagne Soda (SC) - Pleasant surprise indeed! It is not at all what I imagined, nor is it really fitting of the name. It has a little sourness you’d expect from a champagne mix, but it has a strong, sweet hit that is very reminiscent of red licorice, only a little ‘fuller’ than TFA Red Licorice (one of my wife’s favorite single recipe ADV’s). Due to the extra pop compared to TFA, this one will replace that in the lineup, or maybe somehow mesh together in the future. I give this one a big thumbs up. If you like that red licorice candy flavor, this one will make you happy.

^Edit- Duh, changed (FC) to (SC) to reflect “Super Concentrate”, sorry.


I would have never thought that this would taste like licorice. I almost ordered it and glad I didn’t. I don’t like licorice at all.

I did order all the ones I asked about above. With the arctic blast hitting it may be a good time to have a mixing day. So fucking cold it hurts and getting colder. Forecast -17 F tonight with -47 F wind chills. (-44 C)


Yep, we’re diving below zero tonight but not nearly as far as you. A buddy of mine got called to San Francisco last night for the rest of the week. He lives in Chicago. Sometimes work travel is not so bad.

It is not black licorice, just to clarify. It’s the Strawberry Twizzlers type stuff. Nothing at all like anise or whatever black licorice is.


They’ve declared a state of emergency in Chicago. Hell has frozen over. :grin:


A large section of it, to be sure. My wife loves that place, I cannot fathom why. Every time I go there, it smells like a sewer and that’s only fitting.

I might touch a nerve with some of the folks here, but New Orleans- just as bad or worse. The whole place is sticky. Just gross.


Chicago before it was called Chicago was just land of Indian territory. They named the area Chickagou or Checagou, which meant a type of smell which at the time indicated wild onion, skunk cabbage, and a resentful colony of polecats. The word was also in general use among the savages to indicate a bad smell, a symbolism which is still kept alive by the politicians and the stockyards.


I’ve only been to New Orleans once, and we went in the daytime to avoid most of the chaos lol but I think that’s part of the intrigue; you walk down bourbon street and it smells like piss but then you walk into a restaurant and get the most amazing food ever lol.


I missed the amazing food part I guess.