Voltrove 30 v2 RTA Limited Edition Review by SessionDrummer

Having never heard of Voltrove, thankfully @woftam was spamming some pics of this flavor behemoth in the VapeMail thread, and I’m glad he did. With all of the PTMA and shipping bans in flux, once I saw pics of this, I decided to contact Mark at Voltrove and pick up one, JUST in case. You never know, … it’s 2021. Despite the fact that specs on this are few and far between on the interwebs, that’s not going to stop YOU from checking this one out.


Will update after talking with Mark again …

  • Two post deck in the tank and a postless deck in the box. :slight_smile:
  • Wide bore 810 drip tip
  • Bigger and beefier two post deck.
  • Pressure relief system in the threaded top cap. No more seeping when you fill it.
  • Juice flow above the AFC like the 35v2 LE.

A box, just like any other box (sorta).

Well, until you open it, that is.

And behold, Mark thought of pretty much everything including the massive 30 v2 LE with the dual post deck installed, a postless deck, vape band, short tank glass (installed), tall tank glass, allen key, and an entire bag of goodies.

The bag was stuffed soo full, had to dump it out to see what was what. A chimney extension for the tall tank glass, and entire plethora of o-rings of every size conceivable, and plenty of extra grub screws.

Upon initial inspection and cleaning, I couldn’t find ONE fault with any of the parts. The machining (repeating) was spot on accurate, threads buttery smooth, and the fit and finish was first rate.

The main unit, in all it’s Behemoth’ness. I’m waiting to hear back from Mark on some specifics, but this thing is built like a battleship, and I’m almost convinced we’re talking Stainless Steel, and show stopping tinted glass.

Go big, or go home. A nice fattie 810 chuffer, to direct the flavor into your flavor receptor.

Nice o-rings allowed for a smooth and solid drip tip ride.

The top plate (and everywhere else on this unit), had untterly buttery smooth threads, and o-rings a-plenty just like you’d expect from a well thought out device. First rate machining, without exception.

Moving on to the upper, the keyed slots directed correct coil alignmentation. Mucho domed-ness for increased flavor.

From the top, the juice flow ports could not be ignored. Notice the pressure relief valve.

Reversing direction to the bottom cap, even it, exuded Behemoth-ness.

Keyed and ported for all of your flavor enjoyment needs.

Next, we examine the pre-installed dual post velocity styled deck with dual o-rings, and precise machining. You can see how the keyed notches leave the coils directly in proper alignment. Notice the knurling on the juice flow ring, and the massive air flow array, that is duplicated on the opposite side.

Luckily for me, Mark heard that I utterly sucked at making coils, and decided it best, if he included some Mean Drips tri-core, 28/36 N80 6 wrap, 4mm Stags, coming in at just over 0.21 ohms.

Why not right ? This whole setup was top shelf, why not toss some jewelry in for good measure !!

Loading these gems into the deck, and admiring the juice flow ports.

Time out for some spam pics, as this setup was just too damned nice NOT to…

Initial testing, and pulsing on the Asmodus.

Wicking was a no hassle affair, no thinning required.

Tucked the tails leaving a gap in between.

Saucing the sauce.

Break out the fire hose to fill, because it’ll fit. LOL because the Voltrove was almost mocking my smallish needle tipped bottle.

There was a slight overhang on the Asmodus, but still, it couldn’t help but look good.

Even better on the SteamCrave. Behemoth meets the behemoth.


It’s sad that it took PTMA/Shipping Bans to bring this unit into my sights, but I’m damned sure glad it happened, and thanks again out to @woftam. All in, this was a WOA (Work Of Art) device. The smoothness of the threads and machining could not be overstated. Having never owned a Voltrove before, I can’t speak to improvements over previous builds, but I saw rumors of a few upgrades, fixes, etc. With the tri-core coils I needed to throw some extra watts at them to wake them up, and turn on the flavor. With these coils, things started to really wake up at 100w and north, this thing just got STUPID. Out of force of habit with my SteamCraves I turned the juiceflow control off when filling, and then just left it wide open during the entire test. Toyed with the airflow from restricted to wide open, and it clearly could satisfy ANY airflow needs. Slight increase in flavor saturation at more restricted dialings, but not dramatically. The flavor was saturated, accurate, plentiful, and it literally had no care about what flavors I threw in, as it chucked them all my way, and in an almost arrogant, and silly manner !!! For the purposes of this review, I only tested the dual post deck, but will be trying out the postless shortly. Juice and air rings worked great, no leaks, spits, or anything off-putting to be had here.


I know, I know. Why now ?? !!! With all the (US) PTMA, and shipping bans looming, is this something you MIGHT want to pick up ?? Hell to the YES !!! If you’re stockpiled already, then the choice will be yours, but scoring something like this, IN these strange times or who knows WHAT will happen next, just MIGHT make you a happier camper. Not the cheapest, not the smallest, but MAN, what a top rate piece of equipment, that does what it does, and does it good. A flavor chucking behemoth is what it is, and it is not only a joy to build on, but just to use it. The threads/machining reminded me of my first Provari, and how much it stood out from the pack at the time. If you love high end, well machined equipment, this one WILL get it done for you, and it’ll do it with style, and flavor !!!

Sorry that I couldn’t provide more detailed specs, as the info is hard to come by at the moment, and am waiting to hear back from Mark at Voltrove. I will gladly update this review once I get more info.

If you’ve managed to drool your way all the way down here to the bottom, then I salute you. Thanks again out to Mark for providing the tri-cores and the fast shipping.




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A great review @SessionDrummer many thanks


Thanks a lot @Tworrs. :slight_smile:


Hehe, that was my favorite part :+1:
Great review Dman :clap: :clap:


Hehe, I feel stupid using the little teeny bottle to fill it @Rocky02852. Thank you.


Great write up mate - I have been a massive Voltrove fan for quite some time and while you may not have heard of Voltrove you may remember some of Mark’s early releases the Modfather RDA and Modfather RTA.

I still love my Steamcraves but I have to say the Voltroves have displaced most of them.

I believe that the next release will be the 41 mm v2 LE.

Currently I have 8 Voltrove tanks in my rotation including the v1 which I sanded down the steam crave bubble glass by .5 mm top and bottom to get it to fit. Unfortunately I had to yell man down yesterday as it took a tumble and broke the glass.


Ahhhhh, ok, now it makes sense @woftam.

Fair enough, and I appreciate your candor. I’m not sure if I’m de-perching my SC’s, but this one’s going to stay ON DECK for quite a while Simon. Huge thanks again, for sharing this model, and MFG.


Well maybe you know. Beyond the pressure valve, were there many changes to the 30v2 LE from previous models ?


I hate that.



  • The JFC is above the AFC now
  • The Post-less deck is new to the LE versions and it is the first time that it has been included (rather than a separate buy like it was for the 35 mm LE).
  • The top cap design has gone back to a screw-type (with pressure relief) like the v1 had - the v2 was a 1/4 turn top cap)
  • The deck has gone back to the removable deck (again like the v1 the v2 OG had a fixed deck)
  • The wicking holes have been reduced in size

I can do a few photos of the changes between the models later today.


Well, at least …


I have a bunch of Voltrove glass here and some Steamcrave bubble glass I will just sand down another when I have the chance so not the end of the world. The bubble glass adaptation was just a muck around to see if I could get it working but I quite like the increased capacity.




Sharp lookin unit!!! Great find. Appreciate you making it known.


Very welcome @SmilingOgre.


I had to do some cleaning today do it was a good time to take some pictures - always interesting to see the development over time of an RTA

The very first (I think) Voltrove RTA was the Modfather sporting a 20 ml tank (also had a 10 ml) and a rare thing way back early 2016 was a series deck. This came out around the same time as the Steamcrave Aromamizer

The Voltrove mini v1 30mm (mini because there was also a 41mm that looks exactly the same except scaled up). Look at those wicking holes this tank is still an awesome tank and performs so well at high wattage it is quite thirsty.

The Voltrove V2 mini (also came out in a 41mm and a 35mm again scaled up version of the same tank this had a few changes including a fixed deck and a 1/4 turn top also a fantastic tank.

Then came the LE as @SessionDrummer reviewed above the 35mm was the first v2 LE released and is again a scaled-up version of the v2 LE mini

The next release from Voltrove is I believe a Voltrove bridge for billet boxes and then the v2 LE 41mm

Some of you may not have heard of Voltrove before but they have been around for a long time and if you have ever had a PWM or NLPWM mod then the chances are the board in it is a Voltrove board - Mark designed and made them himself.


Very nice share there @woftam. The ONLY problem I have with them however, is NOW, I am feeling the urge for Stainless Steel !!!


Must be me but I see no problem there hahahahah


Hella great review there SD, just too much tank for me. And thanks for that history lesson @woftam much appreciated as well. :sunglasses: