Vape Mail 2019


Continuing the discussion from Vape Mail! 2018:

Just a little SC goodness.

I grabbed a few of the bubble glass for the Plus as well will be setting up probably today.

Hats and shirts and lots of goodies



The award for the biggest fucking beaker ever goes to…



Got the QP Kali RDA and Deathwish Isolation RTA.



Got the Asmodus Spruzza kit from for $35 shipped, so far money well spent even though single 18650 mods are usually not my thing.

Passed by a local vape shop, Vapor Lounge in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and he just got in the CKS Thnder kit. Was ho hum about it until he mentioned it was a dual 21700 mod :star_struck: was not expecting that based on the size so after strong arming him with my bodacious haggling skills it was mine…bonus the tank uses Freemax Mesh Pro coils…or so he says, I hope so.

Much more compact that other dual 21700 mods I have which hardly get used.

Holds 30mm tanks with just a slight overhang.

They even placed a second fire button on the back so you can finger or thumb fire no matter how you pick up the mod.

So far it works nicely in power mode and has a eco, normal and boost mode. TC doesn’t seem great thus far but trying to figure out if you can change the wattage, haven’t found it yet.

Fingerprint magnet for sure but it is a solid mod and I am expecting battery life to be great with dual 21700.


@mjag did you get your bubble glass for the plus yet?

I haven’t had a chance to set mine up yet but a customer sent me this he is stoked with it.


Got it but haven’t tried it yet, looks good for a bubble tank!


Wow that’s a lot of SC goodness! Are you selling them?


What have I actually gotten myself into?


Lots o mixin looks like to me. :joy:


Since the WF site recommends between 1-4%, I am going to mix them all at 2% for the SF tests.

If you know of any that are DEFINITELY going to be too strong at 2%, let me know and I will do those at 1%. Thanks!


You may find Vanilla Cream Extra strong at 2%. But I usually start at 3% with the ones I have.

Right now wanting to try making a peanut butter cookie from Shortbread Cookie. It’s butter cookie in my lingo, and damned good. Nanaimo Bar @ 3% with a touch of Stevia is IMO a very nice flavor, and needs nothing else. White Fudge is IMO not very good.


I have not found a white chocolate anything that has been good. Not expecting much from that.

Do you reckon I should shoot for 3% for most, with a cutback on ones I am alerted about?


I don’t know. I like things strong with these old taste buds. Its a wonder I can taste anything after smoking close to 55 years. These are strong but not FLV strong. Maybe a little weaker than FA but definitely pretty powerful. There are lots of them that I haven’t tried. Also, I’m mixing with some of their regular concentrates which compare to Cap strength wise. I really like the Tahitian Vanilla Cream but go up to 6% with it in a banana cream mix I make.

edit. I have not gone beyond 4% with any of their SC’s.


I see. I guess doing 2% on the SC’s is a starting place, at least.

The strategy is to do the ones I call ‘stones’ or ‘one-shots’ first- finished concentrates, like Banoffee Pie, Frog Gummy Candy, Pumpkin Candy, etc. Then figuring out to do with the ‘additives’ like Butter Cream, Sweetener, Cashews, etc.

Pretzel Dough intrigues me very much… I love soft pretzels and am wondering if this is like one.


You would be pretty safe at 2 - but I would suggest 1.5 to give you some wiggle room - I found Milk was pretty realistic at .75% so there are exceptions to the rule. I have not delved very deep with WF yet I keep running out of hours in the day.

WF have a few recipes on their site that maybe worth trying (also good to look at for %)


Thanks, great link too!


Those recipes look Yummy :yum:


Was getting bored and a friend really likes the Wolverine RDA so I thought I would pick one up. Hmm, this isn’t another blatant ripoff of a comic book character is it? Nah, couldn’t be. Interesting that you can supposedly use mesh in it too. It doesn’t have the spring loaded mechanism like the Profile so it sounds iffy at best.



Was able to get the Topside Dual today. I really like the feel in the hand. It works as well as I had hoped. Simple, solid, and easy to fill. Hits quick and hard in wattage mode. Really happy with it so far.


Mine’s supposed to be here Monday but with a foot of snow down now and more still coming, it may have to wait another day.