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Nice Plants vs Zombies mod! :crazy_face: :wink:



You have the one wofty just showed as well?!
(it wasn’t about the Topsides) :wink:

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Two new mods today. The Rincoe Manto X and the Rev-Tech Phantom. My order also came with two free disposable Lumi tanks by Geek Vape. I got these mods since they will both accommodate 30mm tanks.


First Impressions:

For some reason I keep wanting to call the Rincoe Manto, the Ronco VapeOmatic.
The Manto X is a tiny, compact and simple unit. There are no frills or extras. It hits hard and fast. The only cons I have found so far are what have been mentioned in reviews here. The dim screen and the backwards + - buttons. If it is durable then it will be well worth the $35 I paid for it. What I have that would be comparable in size is the Vaptio Capt’n, which has more features and an easier to read screen. This is will be a great dual battery pocket mod. (Although you should never carry a mod in your pocket) :smile:

The Phantom. First I have to say I loved all three of the initial Rev-Tech Mods. This model seems to be the continuation of the GTS mod which was really good but had a few design shortcomings. Rev-Tech must have listened to criticisms and did this one right. Center mount 510 to take 30mm tanks and a brighter screen.

The display has a lot of dashboard looks available. From full graph style to round speedometer style and mixes of both. The paint is really nice. Superfine metallic blue that fades to black. No rattles other than I can move the battery cover slightly up and down, but I have to make an effort. No movement from regular use. There is fake leather on the backside for grippiness and a studded pattern on the side opposite the buttons.

I have no idea yet how well either performs in TC modes. As power/wattage mods they are great. I am hoping both will be durable and have good battery life.

The Disposable Lumi tank: First tank was ok, not bad flavor and vapor. Slightly restricted draw. I was thinking this would be the perfect travel tank until I refilled it and started getting slightly burnt cotton taste. Not sure if the cotton is already fatigued or what is going on but its very disappointing. Maybe I will have better luck with the second Lumi.



I gotta say I do love the look - will find out how they vape later today
Trtinity Glass Hardware U>S Interceptor 20700 with U.S 1 rda



Have to say I wasn’t sure on the looks of this one (it has grown on me over the last few days). It really is a ripper mod very happy with the functions and the build so far appears up to Lost Vape standard.






Ya the 15ml aromamizer tank glass make it a lot like the queen LMFAO



where on earth did you get the 15ml bubble glass?..I didn’t even know that that was a thing??..



They are cropping up in stores now but direct from steamcrave is the go - while you are there grab the series deck and chuck it on a WR at full noise.



I saw one last year… Think it was a 30ml roughly, was the size of a golf ball, never seen anything so stupid looking in my life and half the people round here are inbreds!



Well initially i read that you were calling people of this forum inbreds - On a reread it may not be the case.
Anyhow the aromamizer plus has a max of 20ml the steamcrave titan is 30ml and a damn good tank if you have a mod that it fits. Each to their own but personally i love both the titan and the plus.



I don’t quite follow…whos an imbred? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Well I have a neighbor that I think falls into that category. His cousin sister lives up the road with uncle daddy…does that count?



oooh…you mean half the people around the area that you live are inbreds?..
right…gotcha :rofl:



Why do people hate on inbreds? I’ve never seen any issues with my family. In fact, there are so many advantages. No need for a legal name change. No need to get your own house. No need for the awkward mating rituals. No worries about cultural conflicts.

On top of that, I think my kids look perfect; no different from any other family. Here’s my daughter’s yearbook photo.



Just to confirm the inbred factor round where I live, I just did a survey and the results have shocked me in total 112% of the People round here are related



So I was out shopping. Buying everyday mundane stuff like soap, shampoo, storage containers (for vape gear) and oh look… there is a vape store. Next thing I know I am driving home with a Think Vape Thor mod. Its an all plastic body and weighs next to nothing. If you don’t mind plastic, its the perfect travel size dual battery mod. It doesn’t quite take a 30mm tank. Maybe a 1mm overhang on each side. If it didn’t have the rounded top, it would be fine.




I picked up the Pro version of that same mod on the Ali Express app on a whim since it was only $23

Got the one on the right and after using it for about a month think I might pick up another one. The main con so far is the battery door is wiggly but aside from that it is a light and comfortable mod to hold and battery life has been great. Mostly use it in power mode, my limited experience using it in TC is it is not very accurate but with some builds passable, just got to pump up the temp. Still not a mod I would recommend for TC though.

I think I had had it for over a month and not one hiccup so far, I enjoy it.