Vape Mail 2019


I sure like the color display on that Pro model you have. I have the same problem with the battery door. No rattle if I shake it, but just the slightest bit of movement as it shifts in my hand.

To me this falls into a subcategory, like a mini dual battery. I like it much better than the Manto X. It has a brighter display and the battery life is also better. I think I still prefer the Vaptio Capt’n a little more, but it seems like the Thor might have just a little better battery life.



When I saw your Thor it reminded me how much I use mine, at least a few times a day since I got it. Not sure but if I had to guess I have replaced the batteries in it 3 or 4 times in the 45 days I have had it.

The more I use it the more I feel it is a steal for the price if your mainly a power user, TC users meh.

I am really tempted to order the blue and the one on the left, I am a vape addict though so not surprising :crazy_face: I just enjoy using it and for the price it is hard to beat.

If it held 30mm tanks I would have already ordered the other 2, wish I had more 28mm tanks for it.



Picked up the iPV V-IT mod with the Yihi SX540 chip. I also got the CKS THNDR mod kit with the BOLT tank. The THNDR takes two 21700/20700 or 18650 batteries and uses the VO chipset. The BOLT is a rebranded Freemax Fireluke Pro tank which makes me happy since I can use my Fireluke RTA deck in it. The cons are that it doesn’t come with a spare glass or coil.




This can be combination vape mail and hand check. Stopped and bought a Mage 2019 Edition RTA today and bought the Hotrod RDA a few days ago.


Looking forward to the Mage. Seems to have improved air flow. Going to wash it and throw a build in it.

The Hotrod is very disappointing. In theory it looks great. Actual use is mediocre at best. I’ve tried a number of builds, coil and wires sizes and the flavor just isn’t there. The airflow was lacking, so I drilled out the holes and it improved, but I am still shaking my head and wondering why this was released?




Dang I love ordering direct from manufacturers. Everything was just made. You know the date it was made and the batch number. Citric Acid, Blueberry, Juicy Gum, Strawberry, Tutti Frutti (never tried it) Grape Soda, Salt Water Taffy and Malic Acid.



Got a few goodies yesterday
2x LE Deathwish Modz Infected (Serial 000) and 2 LE 35mm Voltrove tanks



The Malic and Citric are powders?



Yes the acids are powders. I have bought malic in powder form before but this is my first time buying citric.



So is there a noticeable taste difference between direct and from the resellers?



There have been occasions where I would say yes, but most of the time no. I remember ordering the juicy gum and Capella marshmallow from ECX. The juicy gum was a little lacking in flavor and much darker than when fresh. The marshmallow was a dark yellow almost amber and had an old mustiness about it. Whenever I get it from Capella, it is almost clear with just the slightest yellow tint.

To me, it gives more of a peace of mind, since I have had flavorings that were either corrupted with cleaning supplies or mixed up with other flavors from resellers.



I am with @Jim22, whenever possible I always try and buy OEM bottles of flavors. How do we know rebottlers are agitating the flavors properly prior to bottling?

Got some goodies in today. Already had the Valhalla RDA but was waiting for the Drone 250C to finally be released. had the Luna with whatever that RDA is called for $47.95 shipped, much nicer than I was expecting and a semi-mech with protections.



I.m going to try this because there have been a few, not many, but a few that I thought just couldn’t be right. In fact some were downright nasty tasting and I wondered whether they had been contaminated with cleaning chemicals. I asked because I have some that are two years old and still look and taste fine. But I have a frig I keep everything in and transfer most to glass when I get them now but I haven’t always done this.



just waiting for the toolkit to turn up, will be asking questions later this week… As a total beginner to this squonk game, still not sure which pin is which



The one with the hole :slight_smile:



Yep!! The juice is fed into the RDA via the hole in the 510 pin. If you swap that atty to a traditional mod, be sure to swap to the solid pin or you will get a particularly nasty surprise.

I told you not to get the Topside Dual until you tried other squonkers, didn’t I??



You did, but my thinking was I’m learning from your mistakes so erm… :joy: Thanks :kissing_heart:



Absolute bargain lads for you to order, unbleached muji cotton 180 pads for £6.45 at



$7.68 on fasttech for the same 180 pads package :smiley: worldwide free shipping. I got mine there

It’s been on ‘sale’ for all of the last year (2018) and still going strong

Just to update. same thing on is 3.5 UK shekels



Just seemed too much of bargain to stay quiet and might help another person



Got mine yesterday. Red and Purple not pictured. Massive airflow and a really nice deck. Hands down the smoothest RTA I’ve ever had and a "bling " factor I didn’t anticipate. These are lookers for sure.