Vape Mail 2019


Well I hope you like them as much as I like mine. I am always hesitant to throw opinions out there because hardware can be as subjective as juice flavors. There have been rebuildables people love and I just don’t get good flavor from and vice versa. On the other hand there have been RTAs that I had almost given up on, then found a different type of wire or switched coil size and it changed everything.


I’m very pleased with these. Flavor is there…easy to build and wick…sharp looks (as if that matters, I never go anywhere) and very smooth airflow. Typically I like a somewhat restricted airflow and never “got” the open flow, but with these they may be a game changer. So yeah man, your opinions always seem spot on to me. I can usually tell whether something fits my style from your posts. I’ve been wanting something new and different but nothing really appealed to me. :+1:


After seeing @woftam say nice things about the Modefined Draco, I had to pick one up. So far it seems really solid and I love the big display.



Mo flavs. Inw Creme Brulee YC (help), Shisha Strawberry, VTA Lemon Meringue Tart (help), WF Fruit Salad (yum), Flapper Pie (yum) and Wf Pina Colada on Fish’s recommendation.


Picked up a Asmodus Pumper 18 to keep my 21 company. Also the Hermaphrodite…err, I mean Hermetic RDA and an authentic Goon 25. All from for prices I could not resist.


Very nice!!


Thanks Grubs :+1:

I have gone through 3 batteries in a day with the Pumper 18. I have a feeling it won’t see as much use as the 21, 1 21700 can last me all day with that mod and a single coil RDA.


Dang those are pretty and so tempting. Be curious about your thoughts on the Hermaphrodite. Blitz loves that ceramic clamp and seems to use it on everything. Looks kinda like a Ghoul with a different barrel.


It does huh…lol.

So far only 1 build but the airflow is noisy, flavor is good but not wow so far. Doesn’t seem to hold much juice when dripping, can get spity fast.

I am hoping another build alleviates the noisy airflow, sort of bugs me compared to my other single coil RDA’s.


Just got the Hermetic in (Monday) from Vapor Range…
Loving it so far!

Using a 2.8mm I.D. fused core (2x26 x32) coming out to 0.23-0.24. It’s been right on par with my Theorems I love so much!

I cut the Airflow down by about a third, and it helped the flavor, but yeah, it’s a bit noisy. That doesn’t bother me much though, as it’s not as bad as some I’ve used. Though I haven’t tried it yet with the 510 adapter.

Using the tip from the Recurve though, as the one that comes with it is just fekking tiny (height wise) and I hate that. It actually looks better than the stock one too!

No spitting. No leaks yet. No over-squonking. Just perfect for me!


How do you like the Pulse Dual?


Honestly… Though I’ve had it for a little bit now, it’s largely sat unused. Before yesterday, I’ve only run one bottle (filling, not a 15 or 30ml) through it. Largely because of the “mud” that emanates from the Recurve (muted notes, missing notes, etc).

In less than 12 hours, I’ve already gone through a full bottle, and am working my way through a second. LMAO

Half (or more) of the first bottle was spent getting familiar with the mod, and tweaking the TCR (settled on DJLsb’s recommended for SS316). The remainder was used as the odd whim struck, just because I wanted to finish the liquid off that was in it.

The instant I got the Hermetic in, I cleaned out the theorem that had my favorite ADV, and cleaned, coiled, and rewicked it. Then cleaned, coiled, and wicked up the Hermetic. Filled both with the ADV, and went to side by side testing.

With the adjustments to the TCR settings done, the Pulse Dual is almost identical to the Cylon in performance! Quick to fire. Steady and accurate readings now (where I had to adjust the impedance for the readings on the Recurve every time)!

Although, it’s worth mentioning out of the gate when I tried the ‘beauty ring’ that comes with the Hermetic, it changes the impedance measurement by 0.06-0.07 ohms. Which throws off the performance. So I don’t recommend that. But at the same time, it makes me appreciate the Dual even further because you can adjust the impedance reading manually if you need to!! :thumbsup:

Other than that… My batteries fit really tight. Much more so than I’d like. But, not to the point that it’s damaging wraps (yet. again, not a lot of time in use…).

It seems like it’s going to be a really great workhorse though! And I’ve not had any issue with leaking from around the bottle housing nor the connecting tube. But we’ll see how that goes over the long haul. (Still my first squonk mod. But I’m glad I waited for this one. Comfortable in the hand, ST chipped, bottle/liquid area separate from the battery compartment…it just hit several checkboxes for me.)

As it stands, I am really digging it!

Tony B and the Vandy Vape crew should be proud IMO!


Thanks for the feedback, looks like something I will have to pick up when a killer sale comes about.


Got the AsMODus C4 LP from Vapor Range in today (along with 6 30Q’s from Illumn) and I’ve got to say… Initial findings (1st build) are not anywhere near as impressive as the flavor coming from the Hermetic.

It’s funny how things go, but I really thought the C4 was going to beat the Hermetic due to the chamber being so much smaller. Not the case.
The Hermetic runs circles around it. No competition. (At least on the first build)


Well after 4 refills in 24 hours, I can say that I can easily see the desire for a Dovpo Topside.

  • Remove the cover
  • remove the bottle
  • unscrew the top
  • fill the dropper 8-10 times
  • recap the bottle while trying not to squeeze any liquid out of the top
  • reinstall the bottle into the mod
  • replace the cover.

Yeah, this won’t get old at all. lol :wink:

I just hope that the Topside has equally good electronics! (I know I read something about it having to have a firmware update before it has TC capabilities. That’s…surprising.


Not sure which ones that refers to, but both of my Duals have TC and do a decent job of it…


Read it somewhere about the single 21700 version (which would be what I am interested in).


Ah, I see.

Sorry that TC issue exists on that one. That Topside fill system is really a pleasure to use. I was totally sworn off squonkers after my first run with the GBOX. This thing is easier to fill than an RTA.


I have had the Topside for a week now and can confirm that it is a huge improvement over other squonking systems like the Pulse for example.
With no bottle to remove, just whip of the screw cap, fill and replace the cap, job done.
Combine that with 10ml bottle capacity, and the option to use 20700, 21700 and 18650 (with the included adapter) as well as a spare bottle, and in my opinion Dovpo have a winner here.
You are correct, TC is by a download, which I haven’t bothered with as I’m running a Galaxies RDTA on it, which I prefer in wattage mode anyway. So I can’t comment on the efficiency of TC.
I am very happy with the performance in power mode though.


Thanks for the additional information, and confirmation on the download!

Yeah, like you’ve both noted, I have no doubt that their filing system is going to be a vast convenience improvement to squonking!

My only concern (aside from the aforementioned electronics) is the possible Achilles Heel is the almost 45° bend in the tubing where they transition from the bottle to the deck assembly. But that’s something that’s only going to become known over time. Given there’s no repetitive motion involved (like there is in other systems where you have to remove and reinstall the bottle for every fill), I’m hoping there shouldn’t be any problems.

Even though I’m whining a little in the post before lol, I’m still not at all disappointed with the purchase of the Pulse Dual.