Vape Mail 2019


I put aside my Aromamizer Pluses, Mages, and Voltrove, and have been using my Topside Dual with SS316 mesh with the Profile all day in TC. I have to set both the temp and wattage a little higher than I do with the Rage to get the same results, but it works well and powers down if I forget to squonk to prevent dry hits.

I have been using the single battery Topside for 5 months and not one hiccup or complaint. Maybe I am impatient or lazy, but mostly its just time management I think, I just can’t see buying any squonk mod with a bottle that you have to remove to fill ever again. There are some beautiful mods out there, but I just can’t bring myself to buy them and deal with the bottle routine you described.


The other night me a my buddies did a side by side comparison on four regulated squonkers:

  1. Topside (single)
  2. Rage
  3. Pulse dual
  4. Gbox

We made the same build on all four, Dead rabbit SQ with single 0.3ohm staggered fused clapton, and we used the same home made juice in all four.
Topside ran on a single 40T battery, the other three ran on LG HG2 batteries, all were fully charged.

The testing was far from professional, and the criteria was ‘how it vapes’

Conclusion was that the Rage gives the best vape, hits hardest, and hits fastest
In second place we had the Topside, in the third place was the pulse, and the good ole Gbox came last

This was of course very subjective (and the whole process was fun :slight_smile:)


I shouldn’t have bought stuff. But I did it anyways. Famovape Magma mod and Geek Vape Zeus X rta.



You DOG :dog2::tiger2::leopard:

Must say how the Zeus X is…must…and where did u get it?

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Only on my first build. So far, just ok. I washed the tank thoroughly but I am getting an off taste or my taste buds are off today. Improved air flow for sure. Hopefully its just a matter of positioning the coils correctly. The Magma is already annoying me in that every time you switch tanks or coils, it puts the wattage at what it thinks you should vape at. Hopefully there is something in the menu to stop it. I got the Zeus X from VaporDNA.


Thanks man, you talked me off the ledge to wait and see how you get on with it. I do like the looks but the most important thing is how it vapes :grin:


Haha… move a step closer and take a look over the edge. I moved the coils closer to the center and the flavor is really damn good. I am really happy that some of the companies have been improving the air on top air RTAs. It was the one thing holding me back from really liking them. By far the best of the Zeus lineage.

It bugs me that the inner chamber presses against the cotton, but it wicks really well. I hate the included short drip tips but I have plenty to choose from. You will be limited to coil size but I think you will be happy with it. After vaping it a little more, this is my new favorite top air flow RTA and can’t wait to try a big single coil. Just buy it!

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Group slogan right there.


Hahaha, I forgot, this is the enablers forum…gonna get one @Jim22 and whatever @woftam tells me to get next…good stuff brothers :grin:


Enable? Huh? What? Who does that? I sure like the look of this combo and it performs really well too. Just sayin. No enabling going on here. Nope.


cool can you get this and send me some pics


Uhmmmmm, sure mate :wink::joy:


Evil, just evil man, you know blue is my favorite color…booooooooo :grin:


So were those mods actually found in the ancient meteorite, or are they just making a mod out of bits of a meteorite? Seems to me that a 3D printed case would be more economical.

If they found them embedded into a 4.6 billion ear old meteorite, there’s your proof of an advanced alien civilization. They vaped, they got it.




I know I’m a dupe but I love that show.


Have to admit, I watch it too. Aside from the alien theories, I like how they question modern archeology and carbon dating which I have always been skeptical of. I always laughed that “scientists” can take bone and pottery fragments and definitively tell you how an ancient civilization lived. Biggest load of made up horseshit I ever heard.


What show is it? I always just thought it was a crazy looking guy people loved to make fun of, never knew it was a show…my head is too far in the clouds :laughing:


Ancient Aliens


I agree and share your concern as well. Anything plastic seems destined to be a weak link. I have not had the mod for years, obviously, but so far it is not a concern. As you said, no fatigue issues with it being permanently mounted. And since it is well out of the way of any human accidental interference, I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt… for now.

I apologize in advance for the lint festival in these pictures. I’m cleaning it at the moment and it is in the ‘napkin wipe’ phase of the cleaning. I will go over it with a microfiber towel to take care of that. And, I have to shine a very bright light on it to get it to focus, double whammy.

Anyway, I took a couple pictures of that 45 degree assembly for you. One is properly oriented from the top, the second is with the mod upside down so you can see it from the bottom. It’s thick and well connected to the mod body. It is also molded pretty thickly around the body which appears to be structurally wise, even over-done. And of note… the tube facing down slides right into the fill bottle, which rides in a fitted channel, so there’s not really any potential of a mis-alignment causing issues with the neck there. Makes me feel a bit better about it in the long run.