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I get what you’re saying, and appreciate the time and effort you put into the reply. Unfortunately however, I wasn’t as accurate as I would have liked to have been in my description.

Partly thanks to miss-remembering the actual implementation, and partly because I was having a hard time finding the place I realized the concern to start with (before opening my yap).
I have since fixed both. (Well, at least for the moment. No guarantees on the yap, nor the memory. :laughing: )

Anyways, the pictures you kindly took above did not show the connection point I intended to refer to. They do show the 45° connection. But I mis-remembered the fact that it wasn’t the tubing that made the 45° bend. (Sorry!)

The pic below shows the FULL connection I am concerned about (as I have to assume that it’s the point responsible for leaking in some cases that have already been reported, where liquid has gotten down into the lcd/electronics side).

This pic was snapped from the introduction video here: (and you can skip to the timestamp in the pic above, should you want a bit better understanding).

Search YouTube for ‘Dovpo Topside drama’ if you want to see more on the leaking issue that I’m referring to. :wink:

Edit: added reddit link to leaking issues:


I see! Yes, I imagine that may lead to future worries. Definitely worth monitoring. Thanks! And by the way, I am a dope and proving it every day… The bend I photographed would be, ahem, 90 degrees. Much warmer than 45. Duh.

This Topside Dual will be treated like any other hardware I own. I will value it highly and treasure it for all it’s wondrous traits, but if it develops an annoyance like that leaking issue, it will fall from grace faster than a Virginia Democrat caught in black face.


:thinking: Nope. Can’t relate at all. /facepalm


Gotta say… A week later and I’m STILL loving the flavor from the Hermetic!!

This thing is incredible!! I’ve only had one slight issue with it so far, and that’s the ceramic clamp that seems to have at one point wiggled it’s way loose. To the point that impedance had drifted slowly from 0.25 all the way up to 0.47 ohms. (it happened slowly enough that the mod kept adjusting for it, but finally it got to the point where I was like “Ermmm, what’s going on here?”)

A quick tightening of clamp screw, all was right as rain once again!


My vapemail today


I like those packing peanuts!


They are too kid friendly - they will be banned soon


My son loved them :smiley:

No doubt of that


I’ve eaten the ones that are corn-based. They are like limp, tasteless cheese puffs. I bet the bright colors belie the bland taste though.


I was at my local high volume vape store today. I asked about the Topside. The employee said they have sold about 400 units single and dual combined. Of those, only 3 or 4 have been returned. All for electrical problems. None for leaking issues. Be great to be a fly on the wall at Dovpo or really any vape manufacturer and see what the failure rate really is for hardware. I have overfilled my dual Topside more than once. If you don’t dump out the excess and wipe off the threads, the cap will push the liquid into the cavity that holds the bottle and will trickle down to the bottom door.


Of course, electrical issues are commonly the result of juice intrusion… Just sayin’.

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Sealed 510’s needed

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Fresh from the mailbox. The Timesvape Reverie RDA and the Damn Vape Dread RDA. Both are rather unconventional. The Reverie is a vertical coil RDA and the Dread uses stove top coils. I don’t have high expectations for them, but maybe I will be pleasantly surprised.



My Topside has started having issues.
When I insert the battery it switches on, and then the watts decrease on their own, constantly, eventually going round robin.
Pressing the fire button has no effect, as does any combination of button presses.
Eventually it switches itself to bypass mode.
There is no evidence of liquid anywhere that I can see without a stripdown, which I will hold off on till I get a response from my supplier.


Yeah, I have to wonder if you’re getting juice down the board because of the problem @Sprkslfly pointed out with the tube between the 90 bend and the 510.


Yeah, that could well be the case, and once I hear from the supplier, and they have agreed to replace this one, I’ll strip it down and see.


That sucks. Sounds like the - button is stuck or something is stuck beneath the button. Hopefully the vendor you got it from will take care of you.


The buttons all click reassuringly as one would expect, but a strip down would reveal any anomalies, and/or leakages.
I’ll give the supplier a couple of days to respond.


I got the Deathwish Modz 30mm Death Trap RDA and the Bonza V 1.5 on sale. I have a lot of building to do.



Today its lots of wire, vape brush/jig, coil trimming guides and a genuine clone Modfather.