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I’ve put myself on a flavour ban and you go and do this to me :rofl:

@Rat @chewy - code for chefs :tada:


20% off FA - free shipping worldwide.


I was about to post this one earlier but fell asleep :laughing:

Remember to give them permission to send you emails in the future, its in that email :+1:


Damn you @Lolly I was trying to stop buying for a month! Lol
Thanks for the shout out!


I wish I could have gotten a picture of the Ogre behind the butcher’s counter. At min 350 ~ 400 lbs with a 16" butcher knife and an ear to ear grin. My kinda folks. He had this dance kinda thing goin on as he passed the short loin through the band saw. Absolutely priceless.


Making me drool but I have a question; how do you get it in the atty?


When’s dinner? I’ll bring the potato salad​:joy::joy:


Either Sat or Sun evening. Not sure yet. Just come hungry. Picked up some bakers today as well. Now I just need to find a politician to use as a vegetable and we’re all set.


Yeah in second thought…:neutral_face: I’m busy but thanks!!


Hmmmmmm No sense of adventure.


Adventure? You mean an inevitable trip through an Ogre’s digestive tract and eventually become a Ogre Patty. I’ll pass on the flesh eating acid bath.:joy:


Ok, but you’re missing one hell of a steak dinner.

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So… Another treat for you all! @Steampugs @Lolly @chewy @Slydee @Jim22

This code is permanent :smiley:



nice work Grubster :ok_hand::grin:


Stay tuned for more from flavour- boss :wink: :tada:


Modefined Prism 250w TC Box Mod $26.99

coupon code “deals10”


Cool, have to go to my local VaporDNA and see if they have any. :slight_smile: Thanks for the tip!


Fuzion Vapor clearance juice, email said it’s now $5 for 180ml 1.5mg grab bag, site still says $10, link says $12 :confused:

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We are blessed… @Steampugs @Lolly @Jim22 @G-Fog @Slydee @Rat @Chewy