Good Vape Deals & Discount Codes 2018


Thanks for the tag Grub but I’m fully stocked up at the moment!
Then again, when is enough, enough?


If people don’t mind waiting for something. Fasttech have the new Paranormal DNA250C for $118.95, if you use the Easter discount code (bunny) that’ll reduce it to $107 including shipping.


Advanced Vape Supply has 25% off site wide through Sunday night with code “EASTER25” at checkout


These are the new RF ones I think? If any UK/EU people wanted to give them a whirl…


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I’m waiting anxiously for a coupon It’s been forever and I have a cart full. If anyone gets an email, please post it here!








Those Heartland codes didn;t work, but thanks for posting them. I asked them if maybe I was dropped from their lists, and they said

We haven’t sent any newsletters recently.

Should be a few coming fairly soon

So maybe soon. Looking forward to trying INW Biscuit and a Brown Sugar one.


labor day sale
retail 10%off coupon: labor10
date: Apr. 29 - May. 1


Nice discount but where is it labor day ? May Day maybe but labor day?


Lol, it is China labor day, they cloned that too :laughing:



Ok, so we have some good news! The guys at have given us…


After 24 hours this will become a permanent code for 10% off all orders.

@Steampugs @Lolly @Slydee @woftam @Jim22 @mrpipes


That’s cool Grubby. When vendors like this come on board it shows what a great job is being done building this forum. :+1:


awesome stuff, just used it, saved me a tenner :ok_hand::sunglasses:


Cheers mate :+1: but I wish it was last week lol when i spent £120
Happy to get a nice little win.



Thanks @mrpipes I appreciate your kind words, I’ve been a little busy lately and now it seems I will become even more embroiled in life itself, hoping to make some great things happen soon.

Nice @Steampugs :wink:

@woftam wow… That would have been really nice… Maybe we can get another one again for Summer / Christmas :smile: