Good Vape Deals & Discount Codes 2018

#21 (US)


Great little Mech for $18


50% off some of the yummy diketone laden flavours…including Butter and Custard Premium :tada::tada::tada::tada:


38% Off on the Fooza eLiquids:

Flavour available in the stock:

  1. Fooza Crystal Blue
  2. Fooza Juicy Melon
  3. Fooza Love Custard
  4. Fooza Love Potion
  5. Fooza Rhubarb and Custard

There are more than this :wink:



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women’s day 20%off
code: womens20
date: Mar.8-Mar.30
Womens Day Sale : Electronic Cigarettes Wholesale Distributor,Vape,e-Cig,eLiquid,Flavor - HealthCabin
for the selected products listed in this page

Keep an eye on there clearance section, the coupon doesn’t work there though:





Only $12.64 for all 16 flavors in their pg version if anyone wants to try any.

This is a repost from Mysticrose over at ELR, had to give her credit


Stepped up and did my part.
Yes dear it was nearly free.
Damn she’s on my ass like a hawk on a mouse.
I swear she can sense when I actually click the buy it now tab.


I somehow bought 23 bottles. No idea how that happened. :thinking:


LOL, yeah, I may have doubled up on a few I might like as well


I’m thinking of ordering more myself. Might as well take advantage!! I know I can’t wait for more of those samples to go on sale again also.


I hear ya, for the price it is hard to go wrong.


Ends tonight!





Paranormal DNA250C for $135 shipped using coupon code TENOFF


@Steampugs @Lolly @Chewy


Hey, Therion DNA75C for less than $60 shipped from the US

You have to use the ebay app to order and the coupon code is PGETTHEAPP

Coupon ends today, 3-30-18