Good Vape Deals & Discount Codes 2018

#81 Coupon Code
Yes indeed… @Steampugs @Lolly @Jim22 @G-Fog @Slydee @Rat @Chewy



Loving these discount codes - thanks @Grubby :smiley::tada::ok_hand:


fucking awesome Grub, Im well low on base as well :ok_hand:


This is a really good price for this tank. I have been torn about buying it because some reviewers say it has too much airflow so its more of a cloud tank than flavor. I just ordered the Footoon Aqua Reboot direct from Footoon, so probably will pass on the Hive for now.


15% off Fizziology using the code FIZZ15 offer ends Monday 14th May midnight.
Including New Short Fills.


Darkstar coupon codes - Limited time



Get 15% OFF on any vaping product for the whole of May! :tada:
Simply add your products to the basket and Use the Coupon Code ‘SAVE15’ to get an instant 15% discount. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

#88 Coupon Code - For a mystery % off your next order…



That’s impressive Grubby!!

Props to VC for being able to get the code, and Thank you Inawera for extending the kindness!

Now… To figure out a way to fund the usage of it! :laughing:


Keeping a promise to Health Cabin. Join the celebration!


Sale on, couple of bargains in there.


Some good deals, especially if you can catch the N1Pro flash sale.


Very true… Only thing I hate is the typical guessing game as to “whose time zone!?” :crazy_face:


they posted on ELR and it said NY time, so US EST


Ahhh thank you!


Flash sale is on right now, I got an N1Pro for $14.90


thanks Jim.

@Sprkslfly the wire issue was just a replace for thicker wires on this one wasnt it?

I just grabbed 4 but will do surgery before sale.


That’s the only problem I’ve been aware of so far!

Good call! But be super careful while on the end that connects to the sub-pcb! There’s not much room to work in, and I’d recommend a very fine tip on the ol’ soldering iron! (I set temp to 630°F/330°C, and had no problem), I’d also suggest modding the sled for “improved wire guidance”. :wink:

*PS: I would not recommend disassembling the two pcb’s from one another…as that looked like a monumental task (by comparison to going in through the gap.)


Cheers mate - will knock on your door if it run into any problems but it sounds pretty straightforward .


@Sprkslfly , I might disassemble my older N1Pro and paint it. Nothing is wrong with the finish, in fact it has held up very well and seems very durable. I really want to see it in a nice metal flake or candy or pearl. Just wondering if there is anything else unusual about taking it apart or reassembly other than the wire in question? Thanks.