Yihi SL Class v.2 Reviewed by SessionDrummer

Thanks out to @David_SXmini for sending this new v.2 SL Class out for review from Yihi SXmini. He also generously shipped out a G Class v.2, and that one is ON deck next. As always, you’ll always get the real deal here, with no BS, no fluff, and no unneeded stuff, just what you need.

YiHi SXmini SL Class V2 Box Mod Features (Detailed):

  • Chipset: YiHi SX730
  • Single 18650,20700,21700 device
  • Wattage:5-100W
  • Atomizer Resistance: 0.1ohm - 3.0ohm
  • Screen size: 0.96" ips Color Display
  • Power mode: Wattage mode/Volt mode/Temp mode
  • Flavor mode : Soft, normal,Strong,SXi-EQ1,SXi-EQ2,SXi-EQ3
  • Max Charge:5V/1A, Type-C
  • Output Current: 3.1A-32A
  • Input Current: 1.4A-30A
  • Screen On Current: 45mA
  • Quiescent Current: 10μA
  • Power Down Current: 10μA
  • Output Voltage: 0.7 Volt
  • Output Current: 32A
  • Temperture control mode (dynamic and constant temperture control)
  • Size:89.142.9530.17mm
  • Weight:136G (net weight)
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Output Short Protection
  • Low Resistance Protection
  • Battery Low voltage Protection
  • Battery overcharge protection

What’s Included:

  • 1 SL Class V2 Mod
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Type-C USB Cable

Coming from a solid foundation in the DNA chipset, and not being as familiar with the Yihi chipsets, I always enjoy the opportunity to get to know them better. Typically I do not use TC mode, but did test it in this review, as well as Wattage, and Voltage Modes. Typically 65w DTL, and 15w MTL.

Who doesn’t love a box from Yihi ?

Factory Sealed …

Just what you need …

The paperwork included a User Manual, and Warranty Card …

Now rather than just gloss over this first surprise, I wanted to highlight it. This was probably one of the BEST, and MOST legible User Manuals I have ever received.

No poster foldouts with teeny tiny text that no one can read. I was going to link to the PDF from Yihi, but the English version wasn’t uploaded yet, so instead, I scanned it for you guys. Only for you guys …

Starting off at the bottom, the threaded battery cap was buttery smooth, much easier to manipulate than the previous v.1 version, along with a battery adapter if you were running smaller than a 21700 battery …

The battery cap was a thing of beauty, and could not be overstated …

As always, whenever I run a single batt mod, I always use a 21700 …

The battery compartment was very roomy, and there was plenty of room for the 21700. I was curious as to why it was soo roomy, but clearly the cap guided it home, snugged it up nicely with NO rattling …

Identical venting to the previous version …

Flipping to the top, there was a nicely polished 27mm top plate with a firm spring loaded 510 connection …

Yihi really cleaned up, and improved the aesthetics of this v.2 with much cleaner, less chunky lines, and some shadow badging …

The more curved design, felt really good in the hand …

Returning were the tried and true fire and joystick buttons, and a 0.96" IPS display. The display was no longer recessed, and appeared brighter and with improved color. The joystick also appeared to be recessed a bit more comparatively, and was actually an improvement over the v.1’s.

Quick Operations:

Turn On – 5 clicks
Lock/Unlock – 3 clicks
Main Menu – 5 clicks (when powered on), or hold joystick to the right for 3 seconds
Curves Menu – Tap joystick down
Return to Operation Screen – Tap fire button
Shutdown – 5 clicks, and choose shutdown/confirm

The Main Menu, and Nav System were cleanly laid out, and easy to use. This included Shutdown, Mode, Puff Counter, Tweaks, Stats, Temp Units, and Screen Timeout …

I spent the majority of the test in Wattage Mode, which is the default mode on startup. There is a LOT of information on the main usage screen, but nothing you don’t need. Battery bar graph, Curve Selection, Battery Percentage, Puff Counter, Power Mode, Resistance, Curve Graph, Voltage, and Current …

In Volts or Watt mode, you can choose Soft – Ramps up from 75%-100% power, Neutral – 100% Power, and Strong – Ramps down from 125%-100% Power.

There are also 3 User Configurable Curves. There are 20 bars (0.5 sec. each), adjustable between 0 and 150% Power …

Voltage Mode …

The Basics of TC. From the Main Menu change to TC, and choose the coil type …

Choose Temp Modulation, Dynamic – Slight temp variations, Constant – Strict Temp …

You then have to Read (or RE-Read) your coil resistance, and Lock it in …

Then you are ready to roll. Once in TC Mode, you can tap the joystick button twice, and choose between: Cold, Cool, Normal, Warm, and Hot presets. These are also further adjustable if you want …


Because I own a v.1 SL Class I was able to compare / contrast the two, and I think this one was much improved over the older version. I liked the smoother, more refined look and feel of this version, along with the curved accents. This not only made the mod look better, but actually feel better in the hand. The fit and finish were first rate, and all of the threads were smooth, and provided a snug fit. Both the fire button and joystick worked flawlessly, with just enough tactile click so you could tell, but not hard to push, or loud. No rattles of any kind, and it just felt like a high end mod in the hand. With the improved screen and flush mounting the visuals were also improved from the previous version. Despite NOT being a huge TC’er, I actually had no issues figuring out, and setting up some SS coils, and it performed great, using the default curves. In wattage mode (my preferred mode), it worked perfectly, with fairly fast firing, and the Boost Modes (Flavor Modes) did make a difference, with my preference being Strong. I had no issues whatsoever during the test, and I was LOOKING for them, including any fluctuating battery levels, or resistances, but there weren’t any to be had.

When in wattage mode, I ran typically around 65 watts for DTL, and 20 watts for MTL, Overall it seemed to be pretty easy on the batts, and also pretty efficient with more run time that I had been used to, or expected. Hard to find faults with this one, and about the only two things I could nit-pick would be the slightly tighter threads on the 510 connection, and a little added effort in removing the battery cap, but even those, were nit picks at best. All in, a REAL improvement, and upgrade to the SL Class v.1.


  • Classy looking
  • Fit and Finish
  • Bright and colorful display
  • Efficient battery use
  • Easy to use/learn nav system
  • Feels good in the hand
  • PC and Android Apps (not tested in this review)
  • Great Flavor !!! ---- Just kidding …


  • Extra effort to remove battery cap, due to slimmed down aesthetic styling
  • Slightly tighter threads on 510 connection
  • No Round Robin Power Adjustments
  • No 5 clicks Power Off


I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I see or hear of an “Upgrade”, or “New and Improved” I am fairly skeptical, and always debate if it is worth upgrading or not, whether or not it’s REALLY an improvement. Well this one I can safely say IS. It’s not that the SL Class v.1 was bad, but let’s just say, this one IS better, and noticeably so, from the feel in the hand, to the display, to the overall design aesthetic. It felt and looked more “high end” IMO. I didn’t get around to testing this one using the SXi-Q Software or Android App, but if I have any issues later, I’ll update this review. Modern, and clean looks, USB-C charging, and PLENTY of adjustable settings should keep most everyone happy with this one. Sure, sure, it’s a one-batt mod, but a damned fine one at that. Thanks again out to @David_SXmini from Yihi SXmini for sending both this, and also the G Class v.2 out for review.

Mystic Grey, Holy Silver, Gunmetal Tang, Fire Red, Copper Brown, Black Tang, Black Silver (Reviewed)


SXi-Q PC/Mac Software:

SXi-Q Android Mobile App:

Yihi SXMini Team:

As always, if you’ve actually made it ALL the way down here, I salute you !!!
Thanks for giving up some of your valuable time, and checking out this review.




That sounds like a winner there, I will def grab one :wink:
Jokes aside, So happy you liked it SessionDrummer!

Indeed we took extra care about battery efficiency and low quiescent current (below 20 μA* 10μA), and you can feel it for sure.

The chip reads the resistance hundreds of times faster, making TC much better than before. And Dynamic TC mode will give you a punchy vape; you can raise the voltage in TC (even higher than you would typically on wattage mode) combined with Dynamic to get an almost wattage mod experience, but with the added benefits of TC.

We checked why some people did not like to use TC. Complicated is something we hear a lot, and not enough “oomph” or punchiness power like one gets from wattage mode. But using Dynamic and higher voltage will give that satisfying vape.
And I think it is also a bit simpler to set now with the step-by-step TC wizard guide.

Thank you so much for your fantastic review, I can’t wait to hear about your experience with G2.
Cheers. :heart:

David - SXmini

(*Edit: Wrong number)


Thanks very much for the opportunity @David_SXmini. It was quite impressive, AND, quite the “Upgrade” for a v.2.

When I read that, I did a double take, and RE-read it, just to make sure I was reading it right. You don’t see micro Amps very often, it at ALL, so that, was indeed impressive.

That is impressive again as well.

I think you and your team really NAILED this one. I am, or WAS one of those people. Typically if I had to fiddle around with something too much, I would grow frustrated, and move on. As mentioned above in the review, if I can figure it out, then anyone can. I think that if you’re goal was to make setting up TC a “1-2-3” experience, you’ve SUCCEEDED. I only had experience with SS, but it was as simple as shown above in the review. Choose the coil wire type, read/lock in resistance, choose a pre-set, and that was IT.

I spent some extra time on this one, as it felt right to do so, and I am now moving onto the G Class v.2, and can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for us with that one.

Thanks again, and you and your Team’s attention to detail, are appreciated.


One thing to note, it’s always recommended to space out the coils when using TC. :slight_smile:


Nicely done SD.


Thank you very much Andrew, I appreciate it.


Very tempting… very tempting. Appreciate the rundown. I sitting here sucking on an old SX mini Q mini as I read this. Solid performers.


Typical great review SD. Nice curves on it, unlike some mfgr’s. Does the entire base sit flat or only the battery cap?


Hehe, sorry about that @SmilingOgre. Now YOU might be one of the FEW that will understand this. When I looked at the electrical specs, I was MOST interested in …

This of course spurred me into deeper diving. No scopes, as I leave that to the Ogre Tech, but, having both the v.1 and now the v.2, I can speak to the true “Version 2” of it.

Your call if you need a second, and if you ever do, you’ll have to post back what your thoughts are on it.

Walt, didn’t I see an older write up / video of you benchmarking the v.1 ??


Just saw I wrote <20μA on the SL2… my bad.
G2 is <20μA
SL2 is indeed <10μA


Thanks very much @Wayneo, and THAT SIR, is a GREAT question to ask.

I tried to pull every pic that showed it. The tab/base with the SXMINI SL CLASS V2 and ID number IS perfectly parallel to the cap, and in the same plane. It’s in between 0.75-1.0" deep, and does make for a more stable footing.


Oh YES I did @SmilingOgre !!!


I think this is the first time I have every seen quiescent listed on a mod. Interesting too that off is obviously just an input toggle as quiescent current stays the same. I appreciate Yihi for that.


You are a smart Ogre @SmilingOgre.



It helps with grocery shopping.


Hehe, I gotta tell my wife that one Walt.



Nice curves indeed! Well done, as always, SD. Thanks for the rundown. :+1:


Thank you very much @whthek. :slight_smile:


Thank you for writing up a better review, @SessionDrummer than I can atm!! :smiley:

Have to say, I love the Yihi products… smooth, classy… and was super surprised when I picked up my mail too… the nano will always be my fav… but a girl can get used to using the bigger mods , super easy!! I topped mine with a Yihi dripper… forgot the name… no pictures… will have to take a few tonight :hearts:


You’re very welcome, and thank you @SmokyBlue.