Ogre bench tests the YiHi SL Class


Nice one mate - I do like the look of it not quite in my wheelhouse though.


Thank you brother. I’m not sure I can qualify why I like it. I just do. Maybe just another bout with shinyitis.


Thank you sir. I was really looking forward to this because I too really like the looks. I just about went ahead and ordered it and am glad I didn’t. The reason is that I’m certain that I wouldn’t like the joystick. I lost the end of my right index finger in an accident so it would be out of the question for me. Plus, the joule stuff turned me off long ago. IMO it is nothing but marketing gimmickry akin to all the “fluff” we have been discussing. Nevertheless I believe you when you say it performs very well and your charts back that, so if not for the joystick I would probably try one. :+1:


Thank YOU my friend! That joy stick is a fumbly thing with normal fingers. And yes as well to the gimmickry and fluff regarding the Joules gig. I think they shot themselves in the foot with that one. A lot of folks are just turned off with that not understanding what they are doing. Bizarre industry.


I have been eying the G Class for a while but it is so expensive. I think this mod is really beautiful.
Thanks for the review :+1:


just saw this thought it was interesting - would have a non yihi chip in it but it looks nice


Thanks for chiming in over here too! The mod is you, I just had the feeling.


That is a looker for sure. Looks to be really nice machining.


Where is this from? I tried searching and only came up with a Chinese website. No speakee.:grin:

Edit- found it at 3F


Update on the SXI-Q function and software…

Don’t know that anybody will notice this but this is very new to me. This kind of stuff bugs me when I can’t get it to work so I went back into the software and found out how to build a curve using temperature. So far I’ve noticed this, the mod takes control of the power applied and you can watch it real time as it fluctuates. It seems as though it is following the curve I put into the device and also seems to be delivering a vape more similar to replay than straight up TC. I need to just vape it for awhile before really deciding how to qualify what I’m getting but in a general sense it is working.


What your scope showed was really interesting in how they keep everything steady. I perceived this as an on/off regulation vs a peak/valley rise/fall though admit that this is nothing more than pure speculation. Adding a curve makes it that much more interesting. Also makes me wonder if this off interval is why they are calling this joules? Anyway, keep us posted. Always neat to try to wrap your head around different concepts.


You nailed it. PWM is just that. On/Off fast rise and fall time modulation. What surprised me a little was that with different Joule/Power settings the peak voltage of the pulses also changed. So YiHi is changing the amplitude of the pulses as well as the duration of pulses to achieve an output.

There is some correlation between what they are calling Joules and temperature as in working with the SXi-Q software, you can set your vape curve in temperature and then switch to Joules and get a graph of what YiHi has assigned in terms of Joules to achieve your desired curve. It really would be interesting to see their explanation of this correlation.

Between putting a scope on the thing and working with the SXi-Q, I have gained some depth in my understanding of the mods functioning but there are still a lot of questions.

I put an SXi-Q curve on the G class as well tonight and it performs identical to the SL Class. It is even providing a much more consistent vape with a cold atty as does replay. Biggest difference so far is that you have to know the curve you want and build it. I did it by studying the curves produced from the DNA from vapes I saved and then manually creating those curves in YiHi software. Definitely much easier in the DNA C mods.


Believe it or not I about used PWM as a comparison but thought that may be stretching it. I kind of have that in my head anyway because that’s exactly what I’m working on (PWM) with the new lathe to slow the damned thing way down and maintain torque for thread cutting. Totally different application but…

Pretty damned slick what they have come up with and shows the value of how you do your reviews with bench tests.


You’re making me think. You’re good at that.

Ok, so follow along with this train of thought…

You can bang a coil with 50 Watts for a few milliseconds and achieve pretty much nothing as far as increasing temperature. It is power over time that is creating and sustaining heat production but that heat is not measured in terms of temperature alone. It is measured in terms of BTU or volume dependant heat increase. I hope I am making sense. Given that, the absolute temperature of the mass of a coil would not fall strictly into the realm of the conventional Joules formula. I’m going to run this by my buddy the nuclear physicist and what kind of insight he may have to add. He has a pretty good handle on multidisciplinary physics. Fuck, who knows. Maybe we can crack this case yet, lol.


I have to apologize. I fucked up on that one. After I published the video and watched it in review…daaaaa… I realized I never made the correlation to PWM. My bad for sure. I’m glad you called me out. I know of some who would have made it a nasty issue. Yes, you are doing exactly the same thing that YiHi is doing. Power/joules/work is the area under the curve regardless of pulsing, alternating, or dc and PWM is a slick way to control the speed of motors in that sense.

That is also part of the boost technology. It is by having a pulsating or in other cases an alternating current that they can utilize a “flywheel” effect using reactive components to “boost” the voltage of a signal. They “tune” these components to the frequency of the fluctuation. Some folks call these dc/ac/dc converters.


Nah. I was just guessing and it took awhile to even begin to even speculate about what they might be doing. I would never imagine that they would employ this circuitry and logic.

You’re pretty good at making me think too. I have to stay busy and there’s only so much crazy “news” anyone can read. I don’t know why I’m so fascinated by these vape devices, but I am and really enjoy it.


Ditto! There are a lot worse things people waste their mind on, lol. I guess in an age where everybody has a cell phone that would rival the power of a massive computer only a few years ago, these devices are taken for granted but they really are pretty amazing units.