Who makes the best Peanut Butter flavour concentrate?

Simple question. Who makes the best Peanut Butter?
I need to get the richest flavor out of it. I have tried TFA and sorta liked it. I feel it needs a bit more punch though.


What is the highest percentage you’ve mixed it at, @MisterSadister ? Peanut Butter-TFA can be pushed quite high without caving in on itself. You may find that ‘punch’ by pushing it a bit.


@MisterSadister I’ve got some reading for ya. I don’t have Capella’s PB up here yet …


I would say SSA Peanut Butter, It’s not too buttery tho imo,I like it with VT Butter Base at a 2:1 (PB/BB) ratio.

For a good nut mix check out “The Nut Sack” recipe,


So I am revisiting this topic. But this time, I am goimg on a quest to try and find the best Peanut butter concentrate available here in South Africa.
My quest begins with me buying every single option that I can find.

Then the testing begins.
Today i will be mixing a single flavors test for each of these. The results of this test will be posted soon.


Here we go. Time to test each one. I did all my testing using Dead Rabbit V2 RDA on a DOVPO MVV.

Please take these notes with a grain of salt. The testers only had a 3 hour steep, so they might change a vit over time.

Let’s begin.

Capella Peanut Butter V1: Flavor Score: 6/10

Capella Peanut Butter V1 offers a rich and authentic peanut butter taste, but the bitter undertone might not appeal to everyone. The peanuty aftertaste is a nice touch, making it a decent option for peanut butter lovers.

Capella Peanut Butter V2: Flavor Score: 5.5/10

Capella Peanut Butter V2 introduces a slight toasted peanut flavor and eliminates the bitterness from V1. However, the absence of an aftertaste leaves the overall experience lacking compared to its predecessor.

Flavorah Peanut Butter: Flavor Score: 7/10

Flavorah Peanut Butter starts with an artificial impression, but a few hits reveal a pleasant slightly toasted note and creaminess. It’s a good choice for those seeking a creamier twist on peanut butter with a mild bitterness.

The Flavor Apprentice Peanut Butter: Flavor Score: 3/10

The Flavor Apprentice Peanut Butter disappoints with its prominent raw peanut taste and lack of depth. It comes across as flat and uninteresting compared to other options.

The Flavor Apprentice DX Peanut Butter: Flavor Score: 8/10

The Flavor Apprentice DX Peanut Butter impresses with its well-balanced and slightly salty profile. It manages to avoid artificiality and bitterness, making it a commendable choice for an authentic peanut butter experience.

Hangsen Peanut Butter: Flavor Score: 9/10

Hangsen Peanut Butter is a pleasant surprise, being both cost-effective and incredibly authentic. It captures the essence of real peanuts and is reminiscent of enjoying peanuts at a bar. A bit more butteriness would have made it a perfect 10, but it remains an outstanding choice for pure peanut flavor lovers.


Outstanding write up @MisterSadister.


Thank you @SessionDrummer. Not on your level but I did my best to keep ot short. I did much longer write-ups for each, but decided to keep it short for now.

If anyone wants my full write-ups posted, let me know. I go into a bit more detail.


Sun-pat! lol


Sounding more like the Hangsen as in a very good Peanut rather than Peanut Butter is the one Inawera does, got a weird name @SessionDrummer might remember what it’s called, I find that the best Peanut but haven’t tried many!


@Timwis I’ve never used INW’s Peanut, but now you’re making me want to. I’m not sure of it’s Polish name though …


Found it, Zwei Peanut!


I wish I could get more options here in SA. We are limited to what the suppliers stock unless we order bulk from overseas and pay crazy money towards import tax.


Maybe a blessing so you don’t end up with 1000’s of flavours. You still get a very good selection of brands and a lot of very good mixologists in SA!


Ok. So I took your advice @Timwis. I put 1ml of each peanut butter in one bottle and tasted it. I did not expect it to so bloody good. It is creamy, peanuty, a little dry and just sweet enough. No bitter undertone and the peanut flavor stays with you for a while after you vape it. I literally found myself looking bits of peanut that might be stuck in my teeth.


Excellent results @MisterSadister, thank you. Now I must try to find that Hangsen Peanut Butter flavour from somewhere.


I don’t think you need 6 flavors based on a 3 hour steep, followed by a days mix of all. All for a good peanut butter. IMHO you can get by with SSA and TFA’s DX.

But then again, all our taste buds are different.


I agree with you, to a point @Wayneo . This test is my way of trying to find my favorite peanut butter. The test is far from over. I am leaving then all to steep for a week before testing them again.

As for mixing them all together, well that was just a spot of fun.

I will be posting the results of the 7 day steep as soon as it is done.

Again, the results of this test is entirely my personal opinion and might (most likely will) be different from yours.


My comment was really meant for @JimmyLee, who I believe can get the flavours I mentioned.
Of course it will be different than your opinion as I’ve already posted mine.

Carry on, and good luck. :+1:


I have Flavorah Peanut Butter, WF Peanut Brittle and found the approx 2ml I have left of my Inawera Zwei Peanut. To be honest it’s only the Zwei Peanut I have used and not for a while so must give the other 2 a try!