What's playing in your head?



Same singer, different band, my favorite from Free. I’ll leave y’all alone for today now.


Bad Company is always good! When I was a kid, they would open for anyone they could. Half the time it was them or Montrose as the opening act at my local concert venue. Paul Rodgers has a great voice that was meant for rock!


Amen brother. I almost bombed the record store when Bad Co rebooted with the new lead singer. As if. Pffft.

It was called Peaches, and the one I went to was on Halls Ferry. I bet @Sprkslfly and I were even in there at the same time. I think he’s an old POS like me, anyway.


A little Van Halen… and the craddle will rock








My favorite Foo-Videoo


Loving the new Snow Patrol album :star_struck:


Great tune! I really like this song, good one Lolly!!



GREAT song. Great message.

…and she’s carrying an Explorer!
hawt :laughing: :wink:


Had this rumbling around the recesses tonight.
Couldn’t put a finger on it for a couple minutes, placed it finally, and ended up having to do a search to hear it on YT to get it outta my head!

(But man what a great jam to have been “stuck on” for a bit!)


Used to play that with a band I was in. Singer was terrible but what fun. Great memories.


I always wanted to, but we never had a singer who could even remotely do it justice. So I never suggested it. (I was always the stickler for “recreating” the song rather than doing “a version of it”. I know… Surprise surprise. lol)