What's playing in your head?


Huh-huh, Huh-huh… Cool song Beavis!
And welcome to VC!!


Listen fast. YouBoob will probably yank it soon. Not much for video. Had to do that to host. From our festival last weekend…


What’s playing in my head? Dat one. :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:


Catchy little shit isn’t it?


Yep. Timeless hook. I assume the new guitar player is blowing harp?


That is a damn good assumption but get this, he is playing lead guitar on this one. Our keyboard player is blowing the harp. You might have noticed I buried it just a tad. It’s not his first instrument, lol.


And to close the week I give you a little Jimmy Morrison…


thanks man glad i found this awesome place


Ah Ogre what great fun you guys are having. It shows in how you deliver everything with all that passion and energy. I’m truly envious. About all I ever do is plug in and scare every fuckin coyote off within earshot. Just me and the trees.:grin:


Honestly not my intention to make you envious and hope you still are able to enjoy your music your way. Sometimes trees are good audiences. At least they don’t get drunk and yell “free bird”.


Welcome @beavis873.


Ain’t that the truth. I’ll enjoy the music until the day they plant me. I just know the headaches and prefer not to deal with them anymore, but I still go out and set in occasionally and play whenever the mood strikes me.


Sounds like the only place that a Marshall Major could be used. :laughing:
Unfortunately, they still haven’t made an off-the-rack guitar cable that’s two miles long yet! :rofl:

Even still. I’m jealous. I haven’t had a place in years to really be able to “open up” my Boogie Mk III Simul-Class and let her sing!! And the EV-12L/M series really LOVE to be pushed!


One of my favourite Tom Petty songs!! Cheers!! @SmilingOgre


Cool. Either glad you liked it or hope you liked it, whatever fits, lol.



Only because I listened to it 82 times mixing it…


Only 82 times lol? :star_struck: Really working that bass on this one. I thought any second you were going to break into some Johnny B. Gayden style slappin and poppin for a long bass solo. Hmmm…what an good idea if I say so myself? :grin:


Albert Collins (RIP) and the Icebreakers (Johnny B Gayden on bass)


Sweeet! :+1: