What's playing in your head?


Headed out for a little road trip to the Mojave Desert for a few days and this seems to fit the bill


Kesha…can’t stop playing Kesha.


Hotel California brings back so many memory’s for me :+1:


having some funky me time :ok_hand:


The song from the intro of the Korean TV show Let’s Eat!

English subs are in the video if you use the “breakout” function. :wink:


Payote farming? @Bob_Bitchen


Me too, sitting in Dubai and drinking right before liberty curfew for the ship. They stopped playing rap and started playing Eagles, Skynard, America, and Don McLean. God it was good. A ton of older sailors all singing drunk off their ass. Good times.


God Daughter’s Fiancée was entered in the King of the Hammers off road racing event in Johnson Valley Ca.
About 75,000 people and half that many RVs and racing toys.



Wife’s got her Pandora running with all 30s music.


I’ll come up a few decades.







Damn the kids for playing it this morning


It’s rare to find a live vocal performance from this era. Damn she’s impressive.



It’s silly one hit wonder day.