What's playing in your head?


This wasn’t aimed directly at you Sprks :grin:



OMG I was literally just listening to this on YouTube! Spooky!


I SOOOO want the my band to learn this. The singer has warned me that it would be his last song for the night because the vocals are so powerful but the sonic blend is just delicious!!!


This is another must to add to our repertoire. What drive!!!


Learning this one right now. Kinda 'mojo". Love running this one down on the upright.


Haven’t heard or thought of these guys for a long time. And you know I’ve eyed the upright in the background of your reviews. Fuckin beautiful.


I know, right? They have been off the radar for some time. I just dig the fusion of the blues walk with the funk off rhythm. I love that instrument. It’s got upright string length for that open tone yet really fast action as compared to a full sized double hollow body. Probably about 25% of our songs lend to it’s voice nicely. Moon Dance and Spookey come alive with that underneath them.


Sorry, gotta chatter.

I’ve got three that I can cover everything pretty nicely with. I have a Warwick Thumb 4 that is just punchier than shit with the bell bronze frets it has. That’s what I use the majority of the time. Thump, growl, and sweet response to the fingers. Then the EUB. The last is a fretless 4 Schecter. I keep it strung with flats. It’s voice is hard to describe but it is “slinky” and not punchy. With the reduced string length and girth it provides a nice “bridge” between the Warwick and the EUB.

Ok, I feel better now. Just had this weird impulse to share that, lol.


Hey no problem. I have the same affliction. Always had a line of guitars on stage ranging from a 1935 Epiphone arch-top (real Epi-New York) all the way through mine loaded with EMG buckers etc, and everything in between. Different fret wires, scale lengths, hollow, semi hollow, solid, it just goes on and on. Then my amps. I’ll spare you. LOL except for one/ I have a1956 Danelectro which was made with a presswood cabinet and looks like a 50s portable tv. Its turned more heads than my 59 Bassman. I always get a kick out of it when the sound people snicker miking it, and then come up after a break and say what the fuck is that. Priceless.


I knew you would be on the same wavelength. I’m running a Hartke head which is simply clean. I learned on the upright so tone is in my fingers for the most part. I’ve got an old 6x10 Goliath that just won’t quit, and I’m thankful. It’s real faithful in putting out what I put in. The 10’s are fast enough to handle the percussive attack of the Warwick and deep enough to handle the EUB. I do use a Fishman between the EUB and the Hartke as well, you know, bass guitar is the only bass heard for the last 60 years. The Hartke needs a little help deciphering that signal, lol.


I had a very good friend bass player (deceased) who had a Hartke head and he/we loved that rig. I don’t remember the cabinet but he used 10’s too and what a sound. And he also learned on the upright and he was killer on it. I think I pretty much know exactly what you’re saying.

It’s funny, I have a thing for EV 15’s for guitar and you would think it would be the opposite -10’s or 12’s for guitar and 15’s for bass.



That Ogre’s got me all nostalgic::smile:


I don’t think Van would mind…

and the real VM