What e-liquid are you mixing today?


That’s remained one of mine from day one of vaping! :thumbsup:
That and Harvest Berry (Cap)…


I’m trying a Pistachio blend for the first time, after a week it needs more but has promise.

So, lately I’ve trended heavily toward Butterscotch. Back when I started vaping, I tried a butterscotch juice from a vendor, and it was really bad. Like, mashed potatoes bad. So I wrote off butterscotch as one of the flavors that doesn’t translate well to vape juice.

What a shame! I grabbed some FA BS last time I ordered, on a whim to push up to free shipping level. Man, it’s fantastic!!! I’ve been missing this nirvana for years now! Thanks for nothing, vendor!


@Sprkslfly is the butterscotch aficionado so if you hit any problems, I’m sure he’ll assist if he can :ok_hand:


Thanks petal! Or beaut? I can’t keep up. How about @Lolly then.

@Sprkslfly probably already got his spidey senses tingling, inherently aware that someone, somewhere on the intertubes typed ‘Butterscotch’, so I bet he’ll be along shortly.


Yeah, I’ve been through at least 75% of the available butterscotch made it would seem…
And largely, I wholly agree. There’s really very very few that are worth the price of the plastic container they’re in (much less the cost of the liquid, and damned sure not worth the shipping).

Thanks for the kind words! :wink: hugs
Yes, I cannot deny, butterscotch has been my #1 “goal” for two years now.

A bit late, as today’s turned out to be the “Grand Day Out” for Wallace and Grommit (mom and I to do grocery running, med stops, etc)! :wink:

But if you like FA BS (which is the bottom of what’s ‘barely acceptable’ to me), then you should love what I’ve got to share with you!

The problem is, for literally, the very best you’re going to have to spend “an arm and a leg” (not really) up front, for Medicine Flower butterscotch. I say not really, because in reality, when you’re only using 3-4 DROPS per 30ml, it goes a LONG way to offsetting the cost! And it’s quite rich! It’s just missing a bit of the “airyness” that FW BS Nat. brings… (see below)

As I understand it, it’s best purchased from Good Earth Beauty, as they tend to throw in free samples (if requested). While you’re there, I would also suggest the Dark Chocolate (it’s still on my list to try) as EVERYONE I’ve heard of whose tried it, LOVES IT!

Second runner up (for a pure BS flavor) is FW BS Natural. Do not mistake this for the nastiness that is FW BS. They’re not even in the same ballpark.

Third place (though it’s not a pure butterscotch), would be FLV BS. It’s like FA in the sense that it’s got a ‘twist’ to it. But what Flavorah have done far exceeds what FA did IMO.

I use a combination of the above as my ‘BS base’ (or stone): MF BS, FW BS Natural, and FLV on occasion, depending on the direction of the recipe.

If it’s like a sundae/ice cream type, then just the FW and MF. If it’s a desert type, then perhaps the FLV too!

/a nod to VM (even though she’s not with us ATM:
I haven’t yet tried it with FA Butter, but I have a hunch that it would complement any of the above BS scenarios! :wink:


Hangsen BS is surprisingly good


Noted. And appreciate it.
One of the few I haven’t tried yet.


Which one’s Grommit?


Depends on the day… lol


Spot on with the butter there sparky a few other things to bring on butterscotch

Brown Sugar

Can also boost the profile a lot.


OK @Sprkslfly (or sparky, depending on our endearment)…

First, you can dismiss this. I won’t be offended. If it’s just too long, skip it all. So, I begin with an anecdote to help lay things out.

Bill grew up in the poorest family in the poorest part of town. He had very little, and never got the ‘best of’ anything. His favorite dinner was chicken parmesan. It happened only rarely, and when it did, it was the cheap mass-produced frozen kind. Bill loved it very much, and felt like a big star when they were able to have it.

Bill grew with the guidance of his parents obtained a decent education, worked his arse off, and become modestly successful. He could now afford all the things he lacked in his youth. One of those things was, of course, chicken parm.

One day, Bill was eating at a local pub on a business trip when he happened across chicken parm on the menu. He felt it was a good opportunity to relive a bit of his youth, and see what a REAL chicken parm tasted like. So he ordered it up. When it arrived, he was disappointed with it. It was, no doubt, quite a classy version. Home made sauce, well-seasoned and properly cooked chicken, fresh mozz. Sprinkled with oregano and other delectable spices. To most, this was a great chicken parm; far above the frozen section paste Bill grew up with. But not to Bill. Since he grew up with the base model, he’d grown to love it. And still does.

Fun story, eh? Anyway, that’s how I am with any and all real-life butterscotch. All I know about butterscotch is store bought pudding, and those lovely, golden disks of joy wrapped in equally comforting golden wrappers. That is the butterscotch I am trying to emulate. That candy.

What’s the best one for the dime store candy butterscotch flavor? That is what I seek. Either single flavor or some decent recipe. I’m trusting you as the butterscotch snob here. I’ll get what I need based on your recommendations. Don’t let Bill down, man. It’s Bill, come on. Disappoint me all day long, but don’t let poor Bill down.


I’m with you “Bill”. And please forgive me if I’ve left you with the impression that I’m a “BS snob”, as it’s definitely not the case. It’s more a case of wading through all the varying manufacturer’s interpretations of what “butterscotch should be”. Very much akin to trying to find that old favorite…

I’m a huge fan of the Golden wrapped discs as well (be it generic, or Brach’s). And to me, that’s FW BS Natural. Again though, it’s just missing the “body” (or what I refer to as “the richness”), hence the need for the MF BS.

Honestly though, if I could only pick one? It would be MF. To me, that richness is the far more important. But, the reason I recommend FW first, is because it’s cheaper, and far more readily available. And it’s 65% of the way there. It nails the scent (on both inhale and exhale), but the body, that lingers on the tongue…the part that brings the smile…That’s MF.

I worked with FW, and tried to boost it with other caramels, brown sugar etc for months before I finally broke down and got the the MF (and that’s while it was “cheap”, but still available at ECX in 5ml) but to minimal avail. Things just never fully clicked into place (satisfaction-wise) until I mixed FW with the MF. That’s when I had my compete package.

Hopefully this helps Bill understand my position, and point of view better! :slight_smile:
We know Bill, we love Bill, but we also want to remind Bill that just because I’m a picky bastard that’s tried a lot of butterscotch offerings, I very much have my own idea of what I expect. :wink:
Hopefully Bill shares my expectations, as I’d hate to mislead him. Even accidentally.


I’m not Bill. I really don’t like chicken parm, and if I had a choice, it would be the pub grub version. Bill was just an alliteration meant to illustrate that I kind of only really know and like the BS candies, and that’s what I want. Besides, Bill died years ago. Killed by a hooker on a meth rampage. Sad, really.

Thank you for taking the time to reply, I definitely appreciate it. As for the BS snob comment, it was intended as a compliment actually. Sorry if it took you aback a little.


Lol not at all. Just wanted to be clear, and was trying to continue the creative alliteration (somewhat). :crazy_face:


Found some Lubrisolve Strawberry Milkshake :yum:



So, FW BS and MF BS together will bring me the Butterscotch Bliss I desire, eh? Sounds good to me. PM me with your preferred ratios if you don’t want to here. Thanks Sparkenstein!!


In a 30ml,
FW 4%
MF 4 drops
Steep 1 month.


I almost fell out of my chair a minute ago. Just did a cursory search, and Amazon has MF Butterscotch for $39 an ounce? An ounce??? A US ounce? Like, 1/12th of can of beer? Thirty Nine US Dollars?



Yep. It’s not cheap.

Again that’s why I recommended FW natural butterscotch first. It gets you quite a ways there. But it all depends on how badly you want the full butterscotch experience.

FW comes the closest out of all the ones I’ve tried, but the core part (to me) was still found lacking. Everything aside from FW doesn’t even come close to a pure BS IMO (again, of all the ones I’ve tried). MF is the only one that NAILS it, at which point, FW becomes the enhancer.

$22 per 15ml is the norm for MF.
It’s also why some of us have been practically BEGGING ECX to bring back so many flavors in their 5ml samples of Lotus flavors (aka MF) for $4.99. That 5ml will last a LONG TIME at only 4 drops per 30ml.


These folks do have sales (very irregularly), but they’re reported as throwing in free samples from time to time… I’d read the info on ELR (do a search for Good Earth there) before buying.


Bear in mind, these are NOT synthetic formulations (like the rest of the vaping industry make).

These are all natural extracts. And ULTRA concentrated. :wink: (unlike RF’s bastardization of the term “super concentrated” :roll_eyes: )