What e-liquid are you mixing today?


I mixed this up a while back and it’s great but I ran out so mixed some more today :smile:

Strawberry Custard Rev1

Ingredient %
Graham Cracker (Clear) (TPA) 2.00
Graham Cracker v1 (CAP) 3.00
Marshmallow (CAP) 0.50
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 5.00
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 5.00

Flavor total: 15.5%

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Is this vapeable right away? I need something new for the husband but he probably won’t let it steep…


If you vape it right away it will be quite strong on the GC / SB, but I would recommend at least 1 week steep.


Good to know. Might mix up a bottle with 1% gc for him to snv, and another with the recipe as is for a week or two from now. :+1:


How do you think this would play with all GC Clear? I have no GC CAP :weary:


GC Cap will add a spice to the mix, Clear is more of a caramel, should work out fine though :+1:


Gonna mix these up today! :tada:


Just mixed those last two and this!

Smells suuuper yummy! :yum:


Ok one more, making a big ass bottle of this stuff!



Grubby Strawberry Breeze 60/40

Ingredient %
Golden Pineapple (CAP) 4.00
Koolada 10% (TPA) 1.00
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 5.00

Flavor total: 10%

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I have a S’mores problem…

Golden Smores

Ingredient %
Chocolate (FA) 2.00
DX Caramel Original (TPA) 0.75
Graham Cracker v2 (CAP) 3.00
Madagascar (Vanilla Classic) (FA) 0.75
Marshmallow (TPA) 6.00

Flavor total: 12.5%

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A mixture of the following:

Kreed Kustard
(CAP) Vanilla Custard
(CAP) Marshmallow
(CAP) Graham Cracker
(TFA) Graham Cracker
(CAP) Sweet strawberry
(CAP) Sugar Cookie

Total: 15%

Had bottles with bits and pieces in so just threw them together. :laughing:


Apple, Pineapple, and Dragonfruit.


just doesn’t sound right…

I was expecting ‘children, puppies and kittens’…


That’s for dinner.


I’d figured the Apple, Pineapple, Dragonfruit was just a topping on the Children, Puppies and Kittens,


Oh, that would be awful. balsamic raspberry is the way to go with kids, pups, and kittrns.


Cook the kids, pups, and cats at 141°F, Sous Vide for 5 hours. Pat down let rest for a few minutes and cut into one inch squares. Stir fry along with an oriental vegetable mix and some scallops and shrimp in olive oil until browned. Serve immediately with the Balsamic Raspberry sauce and Goat Cheese on the side. Heavenly!!!


I wonder how close I can get Substituting My Little Pony and the Easter Bunny or would that change the whole flavor into a new realm ?
Damn I remember as a kid Horse was in the next meat case over from the Beef.
Rabbit was an on the shelf item too and you didn’t have to order it a week in advance.
Been years since I saw even bagged frozen KPK chunks ROFLMAO
LOL might account for my slightly odd taste in things.


No doubt. Things have changed in most parts of the world. City folks have no idea what they are eating. If the packaging is pretty they eat it. And they look at me funny. Pah