VC Vape Mail 2021

UH OH. 22 flavors ?? !!!

I was INTRIGUED by Delosi’s statements regarding their VG…

USP Vegetable Glycerin

  • US Pharmaceutical Grade.
  • Kosher Certified.

Delosi® Labs Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is the highest quality available with a water content of only 0.03-0.05%. It is the thickest, purest, un-diluted VG on the market and has the consistency of cold honey or molasses. Simply put, thick VG makes thick clouds; water makes steam. This is the best VG for Soaps, Lotions, e-Juice, e-Liquid or any other application where pure, un-diluted VG is required.

Upon receipt, TWO THINGS came immediately to mind.

  1. The VG is the THICKEST VG, I had ever used.
  2. The Delosi Vanilla Cream almost had me DRINKING IT, it smelled soo good !!!

Thanks @woftam.


Juggerknot V2 is no joke, this is my second one, first one was ordered as an afterthought to get my hands on the new QP Violator. Running a single 4mm in this one and the flavor just pops. The other one dual 3mm triple core and the flavor rivals a great mesh RTA. Seriously impressed with this version, was not a fan of the first Juggerknot. This might just be my favorite QP tank for flavor over the Fatality, which I love as well, and definitely has the edge flavor wise over the new Violator.


Got a couple mods & things b4 shit gets crazy…, I’m hoping NicRiver hurries up & has an end of year sale & I’m hoping it’s on Nic, so I can pick up some more Salts!


I love my BF 80 W with a profile RDA. Damn great stuff there!

Becareful when filling the bottles. Takes a bit to get used to. In time you will be a pro at it.


yeah…, I had to break out the old one…,I’ve never built coils(except the other day for the Rebirth) & I couldn’t get the ohms I was wanting & I searched the web & I guess I need a higher gauge wire, Idk… but the mesh profiles r where it’s at - good flavor, pretty big clouds…, & best of all… easy AF to mess with!


Tip for any1 - leave cap on squonk bottle, squeeze all air out, place rubber tube of s.b. on top of juice bottle, turn over & it will fill itself pretty well!


Been hearing good things about the Uwell Crown 5, found a good deal so ordered 3 so I could try all 3 coils. The single mesh coil has the most airflow by far and is pretty tasty. The dual mesh is much tighter, need to run the airflow wide open but definitely has more flavor. The triple mesh might have an edge flavorwise, definitely different, on the fence which I like best so far. The dual mesh has the edge with performing at lower watts, 50 watts and it chucks with delicious flavor. The other 2 coils perform better at 70 watts.

The real test is going to be comparing to my beloved Freemax Mesh Pro. Will wait until I need a coil change and clean out both the Crown 5 and Mesh Pro and install new coils and use the same juice.

I have been using the Crown 5 almost exclusively for about 3 or 4 days now and am impressed.


Cool mate thanks for this I also have a few on the way for testing. I still think the crown 4 beats out the Freemax. I think the flavour is pretty much the same in them but the c4 mesh coils have a much shorter break in time


I have the Crown 4 but never tried the C4 mesh coils, gonna have to order some to try.


Was jonesing for a SS Juggerknot V2, yep, my 3rd, been loving it. A friend of mine was about to order the Fatal Mod stabwood edition from a UK website as it was on sale for $89 and low and behold QP had the same sale price :grin:

I wasn’t too interested in it, only uses a 20700 instead of 21700 like the non-stab version but thought what the hell.

Now I am glad I did, looks excellent with the matte black Juggerknot V2 and actually does decent TC. Much nicer mod than I was expecting and with a single 4mm multicore clapton this combo is delicious


A Few Flavors came in from BCF yesterday. Finally picked up the Honeycomb VTA, not sure why I double ordered the Crispy Wafer WF :man_shrugging:


That is excellent in cookie recipes to give it that texture, I think about 2 to 3%.

I have done that a few times, the worst was when I ordered a 10ml and 4oz of the same flavor for some unknown reason.

Coconut custard and flapper pie, good stuff.


Hmm, looks like I’ll be on a cookie kick for awhile. It smells pretty damn good, (as well as the Caramel Butter) :yum:


This love coffee vapes in the few I’ve tried it with, I’ve seen you’re partial to a good coffee.

Again this works well with coffee, but my favourite pairing is with chocolate


Damn after the sniff test, I was thinking the same thing, I always got some coffee mixes in progress
I got some more work to do, maybe thow in a bunch of Caramel Butter Too :yum:


If you got a SXmini SL just found the perfect tank for it :grin:

This is my 3rd Juggerknot V2, this tank has been blowing me away. The flavor pops with either a 4mm multicore clapton or a dual 3mm, haven’t had a bad build yet in it. I owe @Jim22 who basically strong armed me to buy the Juggerknot, it is all his fault, the brute.

To quote Jim when he put a dual 3mm triple core clapton in his he said “The flavor reminds me of a excellent mesh rta, picking up flavors that I don’t notice on other tanks” he then said he was going to send me all his DNA mods…no take backs, it is on the internet now, you have to do it!

Just all around excellent tank and probably the best RTA QP has produced which is saying something considering how good the Fatality is.


And it looks Damn good on it too :tada:


Another fella that likes to hang out with coffee and honeycomb… VTA Toffee Ice Cream.
The best of mates :yum:


One of too many pilling up for review and so little time :woman_facepalming: