Vaping Hand Check!


Rolled my own Clapton’s… nah I cheated and used Clapton wire :laughing:


I make my own Claptons but I do cheat. I use the Daedalus. I saw it on for like $7 for the original kit if anyone would want one.


Have you tried steeping a batch of e-liquid in a tupoware, the large surface area might actually make a difference, something I am going to try soon.


No, never thought of any different steeping methods.


I want to know what is in the Spiderman cup and how I can turn that into a vaping device. :thinking:


Spiders of course… :smirk:


There is just nothing like fresh coils in your new favorite tank. Ahhhh now that is the good life!


Ain’t that the truth!?! :wink: grins


Nothing like a big ass modfather with a series deck and a Whiterose at full noise with a fresh set of coils and wicks.


Say hello to the Aqua Reboot Cloud King Prince Vape Master 8000. The postless build deck holds up to 8 coils and has a 32ml capacity.

Ok I made that up and photoshopped it… but I was feeling so undersized.


FIFY. :wink:


OMG, I was ready to place my order :rofl:



Gotta love the guys at O’Reilly!!



Love the river pebbles “effect” in the background!

I’d be guessing Eleaf 200w, but I don’t remember it having 3 buttons at the bottom… :thinking:



Hehehe I had to go check on the shelf - I forgot about the 2rd button too


Those pebbles are what make up the surface of most driveways and even some roads around here lol, I love gravel roads, feels like going back in time. I found that Mod on sale for like 15-20$, I love 3 battery mods lol


I’m up in the Wabash River valley between the Eel and Wabash rivers. Gravel pits galore. I 'd hate to guess how many tons of ‘disappearing gravel’ I’ve put on my driveway. Even use a box grader on the back of my tractor to turn it up but still, tandem load after tandem load every few years. Getting ready to do it again. Indiana for sure. I could spot that gravel from 50 yards as being “Indiana.”