Vaping Hand Check!


Have you ever considered crushed asphalt?


Yes but don’t like the price or the heat it holds. I have a long drive with parking for 4 vehicles. I laid down pretty big stone in the beginning and now use smaller stuff. It’s not so bad and keeps and old fart busy. My land is not level by any means and I get washout from the sides. So it just sinks in and "disappears.


My drive does the same thing. I was thinking about laying some down so I was just curious… Yeah the price does suck!


Eel river is supposed to have some nice fishing, or so I have heard lol


Everyone says it does but I’ve never had any luck. But I’m not a very good fisherman, just like to. I usually fish at the Mississenewa or Salamonie reservoirs and sometimes do okay. Salamonie is beautiful if you’ve never been there. Also have some small ponds around that are fun. The Wabash is a federal waterway so people can’t deny access, but its so damned dirty and polluted I don’t fish it much.


Very funny, and a phrase I’ve used too. I can’t fathom where it goes; I suppose it just gets pressed into the soil over time. I used to try to grade it and comb it and kiss it, but the days of caring about a lost cause are long gone now! 150’ of gravel driveway maintenance gets to be a royal PIA after a while.


Oh i could not agree more my drive is a little longer and on a hill every time we have a big storm i have to drag the driveway back up from the bottom.


You win. That sucks.


But does he?
Does he really? :rofl:

(That definitely sucks woftam)


My latest acquisitions. The Ystar Freelander C2 RTA on the Hotcig R200 Mod. The tank has cool interchangeable posts. The vape is just ok so far, rather average. The mod is pretty nice. Its just a rounded box, but its well built, dual batteries, full color screen and REAL carbon fiber side panels.


Already had to fix the 510, wasn’t springing back due to the wire being in a bad position but wow is this a sexy beast.


That mod is truly a thing of beauty my friend :heart_eyes:


Thank you my friend!

$93 at fasttech when you use the coupon code MAP, I couldn’t resist. The random color thing is a drag, glad I didn’t get pink…lol


That is a ripper price last time i saw them they were well over $250


Yeah man, I almost jumped when they got down to $150 but under a hundo was a no brainer, it is a beautiful mod, just wish the 510 was better and you could pick the color.


Ya they look great - is it a bad 510 or just bad wire routing ? Picking the color would be great. (u made me get it :rofl:). I think I was born without the self control gene.


Well a combination of both, the spring on the 510 doesn’t feel stiff enough and the wire being routed from the side puts the pin at a little bit of an angle. I use a toothpick or a ceramic tweezer to jiggle the 510 when I switch tanks, that fixes the problem. The 510 is shallow too, won’t work with a lot of tanks if you use a mod protector under the tank, I already got some tank rash on mine. Looks like solid brass though so I can buff it out later. One nice thing is it holds 30mm with no overhang. Hits hard and my friend got one too and his is fine.

Wait till you get it, damn thing is a looker. Can’t wait to see what yours looks like :+1:


The more I look at it the more I like it. Screams craftsmanship. Very nice addition!!!


Thank you fine sir…errr I mean Ogre! It is stunning, no denying that. Here is some more vape porn, woke up early so why not take more pics b4 work…lol


That is a nice bit of kit - i am still trying to work out how it came to be vgme fossil as far as i can tell it started out in the Philippines as the Mytech Matrix Fossil (different button but otherwise the same) and i could be totally wrong about where it started.