Vaping Hand Check!


Looks like a phillipines mod, wouldn’t surprise me one bit


Mytech has it listed on their site which is based out of Hong Kong so not sure how it became vgme maybe the the company was bought out by a chinese company at some stage and then rebranded.


Yeah, that is one of the first places I saw it too, here is the post when they lowered the price and I almost jumped:


Wow, thanks! I’m sitting here just staring at it. Man, I’m not sure if I would use it or just display it. It’s whispering “Ogre, Ogre”. I can see that in one hand and a single bit ax in the other. That would make one stylin Ogre.


My favorite homely mod with an Aladdin on top to spruce it up a little. Amazing vape!


Pulse combo, custard in the bottle, coffee in the cup:)


I had to make sure and take these pics no where near my waist, if not you would notice how excited I am :eyes: :wink:


Wet yourself, eh? :open_mouth::grimacing:


It was pitch-a-tentapolooza, I turned around and knocked over a tree :laughing:


After @Sprkslfly mentioned the smaller glass on the EXO, I had forgot, I decided to give it a try, can’t get the flavour my goon gives but not bad


I dig that combo! Looks slick man!!


If you like single coil RTAs, this is a good one. Really good. I can’t put it down. A lot of vapor and flavor, and I find myself forgetting its a single coil. It begs for a 3.5mm coil and I will try a 4mm later. A little finicky to wick but not bad.


I was looking at these and the revolving airflow thingamajig looked kind of gimmicky to me. Does it work?


Just looked that up as I had no idea, I don’t think having wide open airflow under the coil is a good idea for flavour, ideally you want a stream of air that hits the coil quickly rather than a gape of air which holds the vapour down and allows it to burn.


It certainly seems gimmicky, but it works really well. I was very skeptical when I bought it.The key is to use the right size coil. A 3mm coil works fairly well, but doesn’t quite cover the holes for the air ideally. Using a 3.5mm is working really well to give the right balance of flavor and vapor. I suspect a 4mm will be too much and will be more difficult to wick but I will try it. All three air flow selections work good and are smooth. The honeycomb is most restricted. Three holes is wide open and the two hole is pretty much in the middle. I was pleasantly surprised. Its a really good tank, might be my new favorite single coil, but you will have to nail the wicking.


The Kylin Mini is somewhat similar as far as I can tell and is my favorite. Just the same a bigger coil works much better. I’ll have to try one of these. Thanks.


I tried a 4mm and its a trade off. Incredible flavor but reduced air flow. I was expecting the wicking to be poor, but it handles it fine with no dry hits. The sweet spot for me is using the dual slot air flow with the main afc wide open. I have been using fused A1 dual 26 g core X32 5 wraps flattened, but I used 4 wraps on the 4mm.

Usually I switch back and forth between single and dual coil tanks throughout the day because I start feeling not fully satisfied. I have been using this tank all day exclusively and feel very satisfied. Its really good for me.


I’m liking single coils more and more but I always have several tanks and mods going. Maybe that’s one of the luxuries of being retired. Gonna order one of these.

I’ve also been looking at the dual coil Kylin. You or anyone else have any input?


I really like flat wire coils lately and neither of the Kylins are flat wire friendly. The screw configuration is opposite of what you would want to easily seat a flat wire. You can twist the wire or try to have the screw crush it, but neither is a good option. Having said that, I think the Kylin is pretty good, but there are a number of dual coil RTAs I like better.


I quite like the kylin dual it gives me what i can best describe as a wet vape it is really flavourful but as with most items there are cons - it is very thirsty and as @Jim22 mentioned the screws are in the wrong spot for flat wire. I just twist the coil legs before i screw the coil in. I find that it deforms the coil less than just screwing it home and then adjusting the coil. As for thirsty it doesn’t really matter much if you are DIY if you were buying juice the running cost would be high.