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Wotofo Recurve aboard the Hcigar VT75


The combo looks nice!
What do you think of the Recurve so far?


Pure flavour machine, very old skool in build terms, reminds me of my very first RDA I ever had, think I might have sent it to pugs at some point… They could have given it more airflow options I suppose but it does what its meant to


/Dr Otto Von Scratch-N-Sniff
Uh… Go on…
I see…

Take away:
I think he just called Mike Vapes “Old”!

I agree! I find it both surprising, and odd though. As given his penchant for blowing MASSIVE clouds in his videos… I was genuinely expecting it to have a much wider range of airflow as well!


Found it!


That’s right! No drip tips back then…


Here’s what we used to do our recipe calculations on…


LMAO. God forbid you put an eye up to *that telescope"!! :flushed:
Hubble II indeed! laughs

Has kind of a timeless design to it IMO (first time having seen it)! Looks almost like it could be a recent release!

Thanks for sharing your “walk down memory lane” Grub! Very cool man!


Apple 2e?
Regardless: Blech. lol


I have one on the shelf - used to whistle like a m/f and i dont mean modfather


Did this today. A friend has had a Gbox for some time and he is like el-destructo the mad vapor. On average a mod lasts him between one and two weeks. His Gbox looks like it’s been through a war but it is still fully functional after about four months. Put an Aladdin on it and placed in TCR mode with a jacked TCR of 125 with an SS coil. Very nice vape!!!


Ok, I hope I catch this before anyone uses the TCR at 125. After testing for awhile via using the thing, jacking the TCR on this mod is not the best idea. I lost dry hit protection. It actually makes sense as the ratio between heat and resistance is altered across the board, but most mods won’t react that way. I am finding that leaving it in TC and pushing the temperature works much better. Albeit pushed by about 80F in my case, lol.

Finding #2, I don’t get all the whining about the rod down the center of the bottle. Mine keeps a good seal and squonks just fine all the way down to the last few drops and I never find myself smashing the bottle against the rod.

Finding #3, This thing has some incredible battery life! My puff counter hit 600 on the first set of batteries. Now, that is inflated because I was playing with it quite a bit and I’m sure every count was not a full puff, but just per using it I can tell the batteries really lasted.

Finding #4, The 510 can loosen. This is from my friends experience. The 510 is solid and held on with a nut under the top surface and is easily accessed to tighten.

I’m almost wishing I had picked this up a lot earlier. I’m really diggin this mod.


I agree with you up to the last part. I never had trouble with leaking, and it squonked fine all the way down, but I definitely had to press against the down rod at low tide and that made me nuts. Enough to swap out the entire system rather than just get replacement crap bottles when the current crap bottle would stress fracture. And it always did leave a little juice in the bottle at the very end, but that didn’t really bother me much.


I guess I must be a more gentile squonker. Odd for an Ogre, lol.


I didn’t say you were wrong (I’m not that foolish). Just that I am one of those rod whiners. Odds are we’re both right. But you definitely are, don’t eat me, ok??!!??


:rofl: I’m one hundred percent sure we are both “right” in how we enjoy squonking. And maybe I could have toned it down per the “whining” quip, but I whine too. I think that makes it legal, lol. You’re safe and not on the menu. Friends coming over this evening and I pulled out four porterhouses. I offered them the UPS delivery guy but they passed.


Whining is the correct term. I most definitely whined about it until I finally swapped it out. I rarely complain, but I often whine. That is spot on.


Glad my wife doesn’t read these threads. I’d hate to try to debate this with her.:sweat_smile:


I don’t admit that in her presence, of course. But then, I don’t have to. She says it all the time.


Some Aspire MTL action


Bit Box and the Wismec Bellerophon RTA. Both are pretty impressive. Green is not my color of choice, but I got such a deal on clearance I couldn’t say no. I have noticed that I can always find this mod. Really easy to spot from far away. Single coil lovers rejoice! This RTA is a keeper. I am not a Wismec fan, but I have to give them credit with this RTA. Really good flavor. Its just a slightly restricted draw for my taste, but I will see if I can remedy that later.