Vaping Hand Check!


Nice looking pieces :+1: I’ve been eyeballing that RTA, curious to see what modifies you come up with…


Used the Boreas for a hotel stay last night. It was nice, great atty. I need to get a pic.


Eleaf istick 200w tc, aka the mod I use for rta’s lol and the avid vape ghost inhale rta, I won it in a giveaway almost 3 months ago, should probably do a review on it like @heavengifts asks giveaway winners to do. Bleh, maybe tomorrow lol


Boreas v1 on the Tesla Punk 220. Used a weenie single build for 12w to avoid setting off smoke alarms in the hotel.


I took the positive post out, and it really looks like the ports for the air are already maximized. I don’t see anything that I can do to increase air flow. On the other hand, I have been vaping this a lot and the flavor is so good that I can overlook the slight restriction. I think most people will find the air flow to be good. I almost hate to say it, but Wismec hit a home run with this. I think this is my new favorite single coil RTA. Highly recommended!


I never have good luck with bottom air flow, ( I know, I know, apparently I can’t wick) but that’s the only thing that has me on the fences. Have you had any issue with leaking?


Love the look of those Tesla mods, how are you running a single coil in the boreas? Vertical coil between the posts and split wicking?


That’s right. Not what it was designed for but it works.


I have tried vertical coils but never a single, I’m assuming your using a single air hole open? How is the flavor? Would be a good option if you needed a tankful to last a while before refilling lol


No, I have rewicked it several times and tried different coils… no leaks at all, in fact I have filled it and put the cap on with the air flow open.


Whoopsie, missed that word when I read it yesterday. Not vertical; but center mounted and wick covering both reservoirs. Build is clean, pic makes it look bad but it’s just a darker Creme Brulee.



Vertical might get better air to the coil, but wicking would be much harder, but at 12 watts I don’t think airflow is an issue lol


Never made a vertical build. Never saw the value of the effort. Hotel builds are wee and not often used so making a quick build like that is not common. I’d put a proper parallel on it if I was going to drive it far.


Arctic dolphin crea, wanko rda, mango peach ice cream


This RDA has some good flavor. And believe it or not, I’m not complaining about the air flow! It has bottom and side air flow. I keep the side closed. It has different sized inserts that are like jet nozzles that concentrate the air to the coil. I am not using any inserts and like it a lot. I’ll try the other air flow options later, but I am enjoying this too much right now.


Fishaddict420: meal that brings it’s own sauce, in easy open squeeze container. :rofl:


Thought Id give the 30mm Warhead RDA a go on a whim…man this thing is airy…but kinda amazing flavour if you shut the air down to about 10% :ok_hand::dash::dash:


Great fit on the mod. Looks cool my man.


yeah it looks really awesome, performs really well too, amazing airflow but seriously if you dont close this thing down you could literally breath through it lol


That’s actually one of the thing I liked best about the Iron Maiden.The sucker was designed to breathe. I tend to like less resistance on the draw so that’s gold.