Vaping Hand Check!


Well you get 2 AFC’s on this bad boy, one high and one low, both independant too :ok_hand:…its completely unnecessary lol :dash::dash::dash:


Out of curiosity, what build did you put in it ?
wire type, coil type, ID, # of wraps, what else … ?
Oh, what’s it ohming at ? Single, or dual coil ?

When are you putting up your review ? :thinking: :sweat_smile:


Dual Gatlins, 0.08 on the dual :wink::ok_hand::dash::dash::dash:


That looks like a BEAST of a coil man!


ooh yeah…fierce little motherfuckers for sure :ok_hand::dash::dash:


I have been using the Capstone RDA a lot to give it a fair chance.

Single post makes it really easy to build and is flat wire friendly.

Good flavor.


Gets really hot. Coils are very close to the huge center post and to the cap.

Single center post takes up too much room.

Limited on coil size and placement.

Squonks directly onto coil. This sounds good and in theory is great. However if you take a hit right after squonking, you will suck up scalding juice.

I tried to like this, but its not one of my favorites.


I’m currently testing the JUUL pod system before it arrives in stock!


The Geek Vape Creed RTA. First impressions:

I like the slotted air flow the best. I wasn’t expecting the flavor to be this good. Its really good and I am only on my first build. Probably in my top 3 best RTAs, definitely in the top 5. I’ll have to try the single coil with the plug sometime. Its a keeper!


I was hoping you would comment more. I like everything I see, hear, and read.


Heh I pretty much gave up on reviews except those I see here. I have just been looking at the manufacturers’ websites and if it seems to make sense, I’ll buy it. Still wanting to see what you think of the Wismec Bellerophon.


I’ll have to break down and buy one. To be honest, I have bought three Wismec mods and they were landfill in a box. At the same time I hear a lot of rave about some models. This being an atty may be an entirely different story. It does have all of the ear markings of an atty I would really enjoy. I haven’t paid myself in a few weeks so I’ll see what I have coming tomorrow and if it’s any good I’ll go ahead and snag one.


I have one on the way to review - it sounds like a ripper can’t wait for that one to land


I have to agree, I am not inclined to buy a Wismec mod after my past experience, and that weighed somewhat on my decision to buy it. After seeing it up close and the design, I decided to take a chance and bought it. I figured its just threaded metal and glass and contains no electronics, so why not?


Still loving the Geek Vape Creed. Giving the Rune and Augvape BTFC RDAs a good workout. So far I would say they are pretty good, but not as flavorful as the Loop or NADA.



This is the shortest dual battery mod I have seen. It is very small and light. It is one of the most visually appealing mods I have and I really like the looks. The screen is big and bright and it delivers a good strong hit. I still haven’t worked my way through the whole menu. So far I like it.


Looks almost Russian. lol

I do like the looks of it!
Now… Pray tell, what is it (model) and who makes it? :laughing:

(Edit: just blew up the shot to see it’s a Vaptio something or other)
(Edit 2: oh look! In another thread, there’s a post with a pic of the ‘Vaptio Captn’…)

I do get there eventually. grins


выглядит неплохо!!!


That be the Cap’n, eh?


Let me make sure to have a descriptive caption this time :wink: This is the Wotofo Profile Mesh RDA sitting atop the OhmboyOC Desire Rage squonk mod.

This is all I have been using for the last 3 days. No other RTAs or RDAs. I have tried it with various other types of mesh. The Vandy Vape kanthal that comes in 5 ft rolls works well but pops sometimes. I am guessing its because its so fine. It pops with the VV but doesn’t spit. I have also tried salvaged mesh from the Fireluke Pro coils. The diamond shaped chicken wire type mesh doesn’t work so well but the standard mesh from the single core works fine.

The mesh pieces that come with the Profile are made from a single piece of metal. It is not woven strands of wire like traditional mesh.

The flavor is intense and the vapor is thick but can be deceiving because it feels so smooth. Not quite sure how to describe it other than that. I believe its because it heats so evenly that the vapor coming from it is all uniform.

The Wotofo official video claims you can get 30 drags before redripping. I know that is not true for me with squonking, but squonking drains out the excess and you could potentially have a pool of extra liquid in there if dripping.

One cool thing is that the juice replenishes at the mesh coil first. You see it oozing from the cotton through the mesh when you squonk. The mesh is staying clean for a much longer time for me than traditional coils which is good because you use a shitload of cotton.

I can’t put this thing down.


This is good to hear and or read. To date I haven’t seen any stellar reviews of mesh rebuildables. I know from sub-ohm tanks (non rebuildable) that they are getting some amazing flavor. Sounds like they’re getting it down.