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I have the Themis mesh RTA, the VV mesh RTA and RDA. Of those, the Themis is the best but lacks in targeted airflow and wicking. The flavor on it is just ok. The airflow on the VV RTA is abysmal. The VV RDA suffers from the air slots also not being positioned well for the mesh. Another difference from the Themis and VV RDA is that the Profile deck is raised and has open space beneath it. The other two are just flat decks with slots to put your mesh into. This definitely is a game changer to me and really raises the bar for mesh rebuildables. I know VV makes rolls of mesh in other metals than kanthal, so it could be used in TC.


It’s so nice to live vicariously through you guys! :laughing:
Great pics and info here! Almost mini reviews (from folks I respect and trust!)

Thank you, and carry on!


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Lol, you said it and I thought it too. I’m diggin the “mini reviews” for sure. Takes some time to do this and I appreciate it. I feel like I’m on the “inside track” of vaping.


Chain vaping the boreas between classes lol


Lol! Probably the only eleaf that could power that behemoth! :wink:


Lol I’m running 28/36 SS316L Clapton’s, 4/5 wrap on a 3mm id at 55-60 watts and 3 air holes open. I do love my 3 battery eleaf though, works all day long no matter my setup and when it kicks the bucket I’m out 20-30$ for a new one lol this one has been going strong since Christmas though, not a single hiccup, and I’m running Arctic Fox on it.


Still using the Wotofo Profile exclusively. I finally cleaned the mesh after 3 straight days of hard use. By contrast, I would have had to clean conventional coils at least once per day and probably twice. I would say it was still running at about 90% efficiency.

Yesterday, I briefly tried 3 of my favorite RDAs in a comparison using the same juice. They just don’t keep up with the Profile for vapor production and especially for flavor. Something I noticed is the profile is producing full flavor and vapor immediately. I mean as soon as you press the fire button. There is absolutely no need for any preheat. In the same vein, it stops when you let off the fire button. It doesn’t sit there and sizzle after you are done.

The quality of the vapor is dense and cooler than what you would expect. I think my mind is programmed to think that to have thick vapor like that, it should be very warm or hot.

Still trying to find something not to like other than I do a lot less cleaning and wicking and wrapping and… oh wait, that might not be a bad thing… right?


Damnit Jim! I have to get one.


This statement comes from someone who has never used mesh coil before. But I don’t yet understand why you can’t put a mesh into a traditional atty. Can’t you just mount it in the same holes you mount a traditional wound coil?


He’s got me going too. But everywhere I’ve checked is pre-order. I bought a Mesh Pro awhile back and did not like it at all so I just don’t know.


I’ve never tried mesh so I’m really curious… What didn’t you like about the pro?


I apparently didn’t have it wicked right despite using a huge amount of cotton. Even in TC I got a hellacious dry hit and it turned me off to it. The dry hit from hell. I’ve used it a few times with regular coils but it just didn’t do it for me.


Ok, everyone seems to be loving the profile so it must be good. The wicking has me :dizzy_face: tho…


@Jim22 knows his stuff. I’m going to try one when I can find it in stock in the US. Still a little gun shy about international transactions (never had a problem with vape gear) after the lathe ordeal. I bought another one and have had to completely disassemble, modify, and rebuild it but I’m finally getting there.


@FizzeWizze You can twist and pinch mesh fabric so that it fits in holes of traditional attys. The problem is the amount of cotton needed and or the wicking required to support the mesh. This, like other mesh attys, has large flat slots to accommodate a single piece of mesh and this also helps it to heat evenly.

What sets this apart from its predecessors is that it has a spring loaded ceramic piece which sits beneath the cotton. It puts continuous pressure on the cotton so it is always making complete contact with the mesh heating element. What would give you dry hits with past devices, was typically a spot of mesh where there was no contact with cotton. The mesh at that spot would become hotter than the surrounding mesh.

If you get one of these, and it might not be for everyone, pay attention to wicking. This one is much easier than others because of the spring tension. You will get one piece of cotton wicking with the RDA. It has the shoelace aglet on it for easy installation. Notice the tightness of the cotton on your sample as you install it. Thats how tight you want the cotton on future builds.

I watched this video and haven’t had any problems.

@mrpipes VaporDNA has them in stock. I got mine from their local store.


Oh @Jim22 here is a tank for your PSO , the new blue Aromamizer Supreme V2…

Got the new red plus too

My enabling work is done for now :rofl:


@Mjag I hate you … I love you… no I hate… oh nevermind, I’ll just go buy it.


Dammit @Mjag ! Like the blue one wasn’t bad enough! I have a red Creator IM200 and that looks so dang good on there! ENABLER!


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