Vaping Hand Check!


I said this Blue Profile is for research. I’m running a 4 wrap 4X28g core +36 A1, 3.5mm. Its got really good flavor, but at least in this configuration, I will not get the right ratio of air to vapor production for my tastes. Its too airy and even with the AFC more restricted, just not enough vapor density.

So far I would say its good but not as good as the better single coil RDAs. I’ll try the coil at different heights and maybe a 4MM. I don’t have high hopes but I will keep trying. I think the chamber is too big and the coil too far away from the air holes. It squonks and wicks better than any other RDA I have though.


I would be interested to see what a 4mm with an extra wrap would do for flavor, I normally vape around 40-60 watts with my preferred setups but some atty’s that have more airflow get ran in the 80-100 watt range, granted I don’t use them very much.


I couldn’t use 5 wraps on the 4 core wire, its too flat and wide to fit in an extra wrap. I made up a 6 wrap 4mm 2 X 28g + 32 and it works really well. It ohms out at 0.89 and I am vaping it at 65 watts. Really good balance of flavor and vapor. Nice for a single coil RDA.


I’ve been giving the Footoon Master RTA a good workout, but I had to pry my lips off my Profiles. I am using another drip tip as the short tip that Footoon provides is too short for my comfort.


Looks exactly like a tip from a Kylin Mini. Am I correct?:grin:


I don’t think its from my mini… but its definitely a Vandy Vape. Maybe from my Triple 28. Good eye!


I have exactly the same tip on my Kylin Mini


It’s a replay kinda day…


Master number two arrived today! @mrpipes Lets play Naaaame That Drip Tiiiiiiip! :smile:


I have no idea. Guess it’s time to kick me off the island. :grin:


No way! You are too respected and loved! Uhhh I mean that in a manly brotherly kinda way.


Is that the new Hugsvape rta on the left? If so I need more info…more more more :grin:


It is. Nice atty.


Couldn’t help myself, they just look so good together and deliver on performance.


Definitely a nice looking rig for those days “in the jungle” (from the looks of it Dr. Livingston)! :wink:


Just call me "George George George of the jungle strong as he can be…ahahhahahaaaaaa, watch out for that tree :laughing:


Me Grog. Me vape!!! Mine is an old Shermann on a WhiteRose. Uggggg! Big Fog!!!


Lmfao…u kill me man :rofl:…me big fog…gruuuunt


Left: Kaees Stacked RTA on the Vaptio CAPT’N. Right: Footoon Master on the PSO Paranormal.


Nice combinations!