Vaping Hand Check!


What set-up are you vaping on right now?

Right now I have a Vandy Vape Triple 28 on top of a Vaptio N1 Pro. :ok_hand:

We also got a shit ton more snow…:-1:


Using this old beast (VT75) with my trusty, slightly leaky iJoy EXO RTA, until my battery’s charge for my Asvape Michael


WOTOFO Flow tank on top of VooPoo Drag…retired my Alien yesterday after 18 months solid service!

And I’m wearing my coat inside cos it’s freeeeezing in this office!


RIP Alien!


Cylon with kensei this morning…already running late…like always…oh well, fuck it :sunglasses:


stuffs!..the 2 RDAs currently have the same flavour in…makes no sense at all…


Lmao that always happens to me… either that or I’ll have two tanks with different juices and I’ll end up filling the wrong ones with the wrong juice. So I’ll have two tanks that taste like the same random mix of flavors. I should pay more attention to what I’m doing…


Adding confused to reactions… :laughing:



Bloodbourne, hell yeah!!!


The stabwood has BlackBerry Watermelon in the tank and the black one has a Carnage clone in it. Love them both.


Trying to bond with the Speeder. Aspire Speeder. What a lame name. I think I will like the mod though.


I’ve never seen or heard of that :thinking:


Goon RDA on the VT75 - .43ohm 3mmID round wire @ 55w with a custard :yum:


Not highly publicized. Real “plane jane” looking mod. It’s a “squeeze box” , I think to compete with the Alien. Two battery series. Great TC. Form, fit, and function are very good. Two things I don’t see on every mod are a latching battery door and auto rotate screen. Haven’t done any electrical testing yet, just getting used to it.


Drinking my coffee and vaping my donuts!


auto rotate?..yeh never seen that on anything??..nice :ok_hand:


There are a few Yihi’s that do that as well. I know the ML Class and the Q mini do.


Need to send a pic of it to tenacious mods on IG. Dude can match up anything. Goon style drip tips fit the Modfather.

Lipo right? Put a 1.0 ohm build or a little higher and crank the volts up on that mutha.


Oh hell yeah, I’ll check him out! I totally need some matching tips for this beast.
Yeah, lipo. I’m gonna rebuild the Modfather today, I’ll try to get it up near 1ohm and try it out. The coils in there right now are coming out to .4ohms.