Vaping Hand Check!


Pretty mods :slight_smile:

I started collecting blue stuff myself :slight_smile:


As I was packing stuff for my move, I found I had neglected to reassemble my Vaptio N1PRO after painting. Turned out ok. If I do it over I will paint the whole front or follow the contours. I used a red metallic on the top and then candy apple over the whole thing.


Goon RDA upon the Asvape Michael…


You sure that’s not a Voop-oo? :wink: lol

With the towel on the rack, and the camera angle, and the counter on the side… I’m pretty sure there’s a voop involved. :rofl:


I was naked when I took the photo… so…


With Sparky raggin’ out my Charon Mini, I figured I’d just put up a quick shot. Nothing new for me, just the ol’ Mini and the Iron Maiden (ultra-rare Band Logo airflow ring included).


Spoils from piliging at ELR


Congrats, Nice looking kit :+1: … Wouldn’t mind hearing your thoughts on this one.


Thanks. No problem. It’s kinda part of the deal. Heaven’s Gifts asked for a review with the winning. I will honor that.


I really like the look of that for some reason. What is it?


That my friend is the OBS Cube. I’m liking it too.



Personally I think the Intake is awesome. Whats the battery life like on the SX and what do you use.?


I’m using a 21700. I have no idea how it will perform. Just picked it up a few hours ago. I’ll get back to you in about a week, lol. Got another intake coming in later today too, lol. Obviously I agree with you.


Great looking mod!

I had a big haul today as well (not as good as that tho)


Time will tell, lol. I will vouch for the Naboo per the one I received. So far the SL is nice in the hand for sure but I won’t know anything about performance for a bit. Well, I guess I can vouch for the TC. It’s a Yihi.


Already found my first “ding” with this guy. Not all 21700’s will fit in there. Too fat. Had a pair of Efest’s and one barely fit and the other simply would not. Little tight in the tube there Yihi!


Damn that’s bizarre for an expensive mod like that. I wonder if its the batteries rather than the mod. I had some 26650’s (Vapower) that were way too big length wise. That thing sure is a looker and I have yet to own or even try something Yihi.


The same issue with 21700 with the squid industries tac 21 it appears not all 21700 batteries are created equal


The battery measures 21.85mm. I’ve got a couple of the new Sonys on order so I’ll obviously see how those work out. As far as assigning blame, I don’t know where to go with that. What is reasonable? I have a Tesla that will take the fat batteries fine but almost a full mm is quite a bit out of spec.

No mod that I’ve come across is perfect. The Yihi Chip is very accurate, and I do like three other mods they make, the G class, the mini Q mini, and the ML class. Each has it’s faults but all in all I consider them to be a class device.