Vaping Hand Check!


The new 2185700 :crazy_face::rofl:


Now that is hilarious!!! Bigger, Better, More!!! Get yours now!!!

What do you do when you fuck up a design? Call it a feature and charge more!!!


I thought Evolve was supposed to be releasing their own mod? I’ve been holding off waiting for that. The more I use Replay the more I like it. But Lost Vape kind of makes me hesitate.


No idea per Evolve and a device. Outside of the one assembly error and some gunmetal paint that disappeared, my lost vape products are all holding up real well. All great performers. In my opinion YiHi went south with the G class they put fidget spinners on. I forget what they call the model but that was a head slapper for me. If Evolve does come out with a device I would be very interested. That’s one aspect where YiHi has an advantage. All of their mods are perfectly calibrated to their mods out of the box. I can’t say that for all of the mods I have received with a DNA chipset. I’ve had to complete the calibration on quite a few.


I’ll wait and see how you come out with this one. Really caught my eye. :grin: The only one I have is the Therion 75C . It had purple Ostrich leather that is now mostly white. Came off on my hands. I can re-stain it but that and a couple of other minor things kind of irk me. Works great though. Chinese quality control is a crapshoot, but even if Evolve releases their own line I’d bet it will be assembled in China.


We think alike. Hard to hit a decent price point with U.S. manufacturing. I should have something put together by the end of this weekend. It really is a simply constructed mod.


Now you’ve peaked my interest :thinking:


Sorry, lol. YiHi is an odd bird in my mind. There’s always debate regarding which chipset between YiHi and DNA is “better”. In my mind the best mod with a DNA chip is Lost Vape. Lost vape is a damn fine mod. There is some charisma to a YiHi, in my mind, and maybe only in my mind, that whispers very loudly, “class”. Well except for the T class with it’s fidget spinners, that is ridiculous. I can’t justify or qualify my feeling about the YiHi but when I walk into a vape shop and set it down on the counter, there’s instant recognition.


I have some DNA’s but have never had a Yihi, so it could be that I need to investigate them a little deeper…

However, I actually misread your post, in that I thought you were making a mod, and that is what peaked my interest.
Sorry, I’m going to put it down to old age :roll_eyes::rofl:


Lol, That’s ok. I’m older than dirt too. I get it. These are going for $139USD. That’s a very good price for a YiHi. Original price was $179 if I remember correctly. I don’t want to try to sell it as it’s probably an acquired taste and they are not perfect.


Yihi are a much cheaper chipset than DNA there are a few mods that use them that can be had for an excellent price.

GTRS VBOY 200W around $65usd -Yihi SX500 Chip
IPV Xyanide around $70 - YiHi SX460 Chip
GTRS VBOY 222W $? -SX520 (not my fav functions well but because of the design of the battery door juice may make its way inside if you have just a small leak)

I noticed there is a new mod out with the same chipset as the g class (the wrap looks horrible) called the Vsticking VK530.

I have a few of them on my bench and the Vboy despite the shitty name is a great mod the Xyanide functions very well but is a little prone to tip over (it has unusual looks it is a like it or hate it thing). The vboy 222 is ok but as mentioned not my fav.


I’ve got an IPV4 and the YiHi chip in it works wonderfully. Can’t keep the battery door closed but that’s what electrical tape is for. There are a few YiHi’s that don’t interest me. The MX class just looks weird to me. Of course the spinners on the T class make me scratch my head. The SX mini is really nice but a 22mm 510 platter, really? I think YiHi’s are overpriced but so is a happy meal.


The mods from Yihi proper are a little on the expensive side but the ones that are good (the ones without spinner damn I hope the dude who had that as an idea is not picking up roadside trash) are really good. They are very well built and do offer a 12month warranty (if you buy from a good supplier they extend it).

I don’t vape much in TC TBH but I do love a quality bit of kit.


I found the Vboy 200 at Eciggity for 49.99. It also reminded me of what turned me off to them a long time ago. That is the ‘joules’ terminology. Six of one/half dozen of the other. Just struck me as unnecessary hype. But Im a grouchy old fart. :grin:


With a little luck you can get Xyanide for less. I got mine on 3avape for $27 on a clearance sale, and it’s a very good mod indeed


The whole Joules thing with the YiHi is total BS. Joules are power delivered over time. So if you delivered 30 watts for 3 seconds you would have delivered 90 Joules. That mod has no idea how long a puff is going to last so you are setting a static power level not Joules with the “Joules” setting on the mod. I have no idea why they created such a mess by adopting that term.


Some claim that it’s a copyright thing and they couldn’t use the word watts. Joules in this case is interchangeable with watts since that’s exactly what it is in case of Yihi


Not sure that is true as there is a power mode that is just in watts. power mode is 200w, joules is 120 joules, temp 300c.

I wonder if there is some standard time increment they decided to set like 1 second the mod will apply 120 joules in which case this would be true. (i think that is right anyhow?)


And the plot thickens!!!


That is exactly all it is for me. I couldn’t ‘afford’ a DNA because I buy for two, wife and I. I’m not debating which chipset is better, DNA probably is. But the iPV mods were always affordable, smart looking, and excellent performers so I was happy with YiHi.