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It was 2 Am and this made my head hurt.:laughing: That’s because I knew I was about to open a can of worms based on measured power which is developed. I’ve often wondered if people understand that they don’t have a box o watts instead of potential.

You can’t get there except from here:


A Joule is the energy dissipated as heat when an electric current of one ampere passes through a resistance of one ohm for one second.

Ogre is correct. E (J) = P (W) × t (s) So joules = watts × seconds.

I think Adary is also correct i.e. “in this case interchangeable with watts.” The reason is that in “power mode” Watts are expressed as the energy dissipated as heat when an electric current passes through a resistance. IMO adding a quantified time factor for measurement is totally unnecessary and meaningless. My reason for saying that is because temp control is regulated by the TCR of the particular wire type which in turn determines how thermal energy is dissipated. All wires would react differently. I fail to see how measuring watts × seconds accomplishes anything.

I think you may be technically correct. But its just a unit of measurement based on result…

Edit: See Ogre’s review. He may (I think so) have cracked the code with our late night banter.


I’m thinking of buying one of these and remembered you buying one plus woftam recommended it. I was going to order the Yihi SL Ogre reviewed until I found out about the joystick which I could never use. How has yours held up and do you still like the Yihi chip? How is it to navigate?


The original Fireluke with the RTA deck is still one of my all time favorites. The VBOY has held up well. I have not tried TC on it, but the rest of the menu is easy. I think @Jose has a lot of time with the VBOY too. I am staying with friends temporarily while I look for a permanent place to live, and the VBOY is one of the mods I brought with me. Most of my vape gear is in storage right now :confused:


The Blitz FP 30mm RTA on the Creator IM200. I have only tried two builds on this, but I like it. I am surprised that the air isn’t more wide open. I’ll drill out a few of the honeycomb holes when I get to my Dremel lol.


I love the VBOY :heart_eyes:
It’s been rather neglected lately due to reviews coming in between but it’s definitely high on my list of favourites. It took the Paranormal 250C to knock it off NO 1, that’s how much I like it.

Hope you sort out your housing situation soon. It’s a PITA to be depended on others for it.


Dremel? With the size of that thing you need a Bridgeport mill.:grin:


The modified Recurve on the Dovpo Topside. So far, I am really liking this mod. The fill makes all other bottles and filling on squonk mods kind of like a joke or toys. It is so easy and awesome. The 10ml capacity is incredible. This is great for a single coil RDA, but as you might expect, not as great for dual coils. I hope the dual battery version is out soon.

I am hoping I have better luck with this than the Basium. As I was packing my gear for the move, I had intended to bring the Basium with me. While I was removing the RDA, the 510 on the mod came loose again. I saw the screen flash and then it went dead. Upon trying to charge the batteries I noticed they were drained to zero :rage: I didn’t have time to deal with it and put it in storage.


Great to hear on the Topside!

Sucks to hear on the Basium.


The Dead Rabbit SQ single coil on the Topside. The RDA has pretty good flavor but I am not real impressed with the build quality. The orings on the barrel are really sloppy. Don’t pick it up by the RDA or you will drop your mod lol. Still liking the Topside.


Does that Topside adjust wattage in 1w increments, or .1, .5, etc…


Hey Fizze, it adjusts in 0.5 increments, so its pretty fast and easy to change wattage. There is a firmware update for TC. I downloaded it, but haven’t installed it yet.


I remember hearing the same thing way back when. Evolv pioneered TC and yihi followed suit but used joules when in TC as a way to differentiate it from how Evolv had it setup. I saw someone say it had to do with the patent and joules was the way to get around that when in TC mode. What makes me scratch my head though is it is China, when have patent infrigments ever stopped them and why still use it other than familiarity?

Either way give me a DNA or Yihi chip all day for TC but as of now the DNA250C chip is the top dog…woof woof.


couldn’t agree more. Replay is amazing.

On the other hand, considering the price I paid for my dna250c i never take it out of the house. My current ‘take it everywhere with me mod’ is the old ipv xyanide with yihi sx480 chip (almost as good as the g-class)


Yeah got my 2 Topsides last week courtesy of Mr Herb, real challenge for me because no single bat squonker has been good enough for me to use one for any length if time, but Ive currently got the wotofo Faris with dual coils at 0.17ohms being powered by a 40T and although I go through a couple of bats a day I am so impressed with this thing, its really really good, he did a good job :ok_hand:


I don’t know if you noticed but Ogre and I are confident that we have the “joules” thing figured out. His bench test of CL class has those threads. It involves PWM or pulse width modulation which somewhat satisfies my curiosity of why they were using the term joules which is a timed wattage measurement. I also originally called it bullshit until I saw the interrupted signal on his scope. Ogre explains this very well in the thread.


I’ve been really curious about this Topside ever since I’ve seen it. I so wish they had a dual cell option. I just don’t want a single celled organism.


There are rumors of a two battery topside in the works, but you know how rumors go…gene chip pulse mod anyone lol


no gene chip for me thank you very much (not related to pulse drama either)


I have spoken to him about the dual bat version, it’s designed, whether it will come into fruition is a different story, and bringing it out while the single is selling so well wouldn’t be a good business move I don’t think, I am surprised at how hard this hits for a 90w device though, I mean I’ve been using it almost exclusively since I got it, and I’m loving it, got the Piano black drop dead today to match up with it, looks awesome together, I might give the Purple one away when I review it, haven’t decided yet, could certainly do with the extra traffic, might be a good boost.


I mean, if it happened to fall into my mailbox I may or may not spread stories of the virtuous Pugsley across the strings of the interwebs lol or at least at the local bar, you would be a local legend in Indiana :wink::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: