Vaping Hand Check!


I need to go back and check that out, I usually pop in here when I get a break then bolt out when I gotta work…working sure is killing all this fun dammmmmmit :grin:


Dead Rabbit RTA on the PSO Paranormal. I am running a 4mm single coil on this and I have to say its pretty damn good. So far I like this much better as a single coil RTA.


Goon clone on top of the Asvape Michael


I have a Ti Goon clone that’s still one of my favorite RDA’s


That looks great! These have excellent air flow and flavour is top notch


Yeah man, and for like 8 bucks! You really can’t beat it. Not a big fan of the clamps though, it takes some practice but worth it :+1:


Using the Voltrove Mini V2 on the Famovape Bitbox and the Fatality on the Creator IM200. I am running short on flat wire (waiting for big order) and put identical builds in both. 3.5mm 24 X 36 kanthal claptons 7 wraps.

First impressions:

Overall well made. Great flavor and a lot of cloud production. More air flow available than you will ever need. Wicks great, never a dry hit. Although this is way better quality than any mass produced tanks, mine had a few tiny tiny nicks in it. They don’t interfere with anything as they are on the outside. When I disassembled it, shavings from the orings fell out from when they dry fitted it. This tank is a bit messy and more labor intensive to service the coils or rewick, but not that big of a deal for the performance you get.

Extremely well made. As good as the Voltrove is, the machining and finish on this tank are next level. It’s a showpiece. Flavor is really good. Wicks perfectly, no dry hits. I have the coils centered over the bottom air hole with a slight space between them to force the air around the coils. So far with the builds I have done, I don’t see a need for the side airflows. I also don’t see the need for the juice flow control. I will try shorty mode on this with the bubble glass.

Although I have only tried a few builds on each, these are without a doubt both high quality tanks and they perform excellently! Although they are expensive, I don’t have the slightest bit of regret or remorse for buying them and can’t wait to try every build and combination imaginable.



Today its the Fatality with the bubble glass on the red Creator IM200 mod. It can be my tribute to Stan Lee and Iron Man, or it can be a weird vaping phallic looking thingy. I am running flattened fused claptons, kanthal 5 wraps 3.5 mm 4X28 -36. Using the shorter mode increases the flavor slightly which was already really good.


Can’t wait to get mine! Sigh.

Looks great Jim!!