Vaping Hand Check!


Sweet looking setup you got there



Vaping all day on the CKS THNDR and BOLT tank. This is just damn sexy.

The mod has dual fire buttons on front and back. At first I thought it was kind of overkill, but it is really convenient. The fire buttons have a bit of rattle to them but are nice and clicky. The screen is a little dim but is customizable, so I will try to add some higher contrast backgrounds when I have time. Visually, its one of my favorite mods.



I have been enjoying it as well, wish the top was just a sconch bigger so u don’t get overhang with a 30mm but it still doesn’t look bad. Battery life has been great with a pair of Samsung 40T, been running it at 100 watts and it will last me a whole day, sometimes 2.



Jim is gunna ask about the voltrove mini in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 :rofl:



You already enabled him but dont think he has the gold :laughing:



Dammit! That Voltrove does look really good on there.



I’e been enjoying my Voltrove as well. Ranking currently as #1 favorite big tank



Latest toy. Mad combo and TC is surprisingly good



I have been using the Coilart Mage RTA 2019 Edition. This is by far the best RTA Coilart has made. When I was using 3mm quad core fused claptons, it was pretty good. When I switched to 3.5mm coils the flavor really came alive. It has plenty of air flow to keep big coils cool and large enough cotton wells to accommodate the wicks with minimal thinning. I think this is the RTA everyone else wanted to make last year but didn’t quite get there.



With that seal of approval its impossible to resist. :grin: I have a couple of the old Mage GTA tanks and bought bubble glass to fit them. (Like @SmilingOgre did) Those just wouldn’t wick right but the bubble glass turned them into nice tanks. Ordering a couple of these for sure. :+1:

Edit: Done. Ordered a red and a purple resin.



cc: @Jim22

Ya’ll are spending my money again. That does look good.



Another thing I like about this tank is that it comes with a spare bubble glass. No straight glass at all which is fine with me. This is one of the best wicking tanks I have owned. I mostly leave the juice channel open with the cotton just barely dangling in there. This is the first Coilart tank that I haven’t had a screw strip out right away.

The cap is nice and only takes 3/4 turn to open and close. The only negative I see so far is that the juice fill slots are a little thin and larger tips won’t fit. You can still fill it fine, just have to be careful. I think it will take 4mm coils and will probably try them at some point. The pic I posted is the blue model but it looks as much red as blue.



So I like it so much, I grabbed another Mage. This time in black. It has some nice blue swirls mixed in. I can’t believe it but I have dual 4mm quad core fused claptons in it and it wicks just fine and no problem getting the cotton to fit. I did have to make sure the coils were very low to the deck as the first time around it was arcing on the chimney.

So far, I am not seeing a real increase in flavor, so I will probably stick to 3.5mm coils.



:flushed: :flushed:

You power user you! :laughing:
I am curious as to what wattage/voltage you were using to enable things to arc though!



It was probably in the 55 watt range to test and dry burn the coil… probably more like a jumping spark from a tiny metal fragment from grounding out. As I looked down the chimney I could see where the coil was close or touching start to glow. No it wasn’t like a lightning bolt from a Tesla coil or taser lol.



I am gonna try some dual 3.5mm coils on my next build, got a single 4mm in it now and meh.

Looks like Coil art makes the tanks for Squid, the same deck.



Heh I was thinking more like 5mm for a single coil, hopefully there is enough height to fit. Doesn’t Blitz make Squid?



Not sure, I know coilart makes 3cvape, either that or they just came out of the same factory. When I got the conspiracy rda for review it came with a coilart return address.

I figure Squid just uses whichever shop works out best for them, I don’t think there tied to one shop. I think there are only a few huge factories in China that makes the majority of vape gear. I was told the owner of Vaptio owns the biggest vape factory in China.



I tried a single 4mm and it was just ok like you said. I have a 5mm quad core in it now and its really good.



Hmmm, gonna have to find a 5mm post and give that a shot. How many wraps?