Vaping Hand Check!


Always wanted one of these but when new $200…nope. flawless had a sale though, $85 shipped and I had to jump on it.

That’s the Kylin V2 on there, pretty good so far


Deathwish Isolation RTA on the Geekvape Nova.

First Impressions:

The Isolation is very nicely made. The build deck is a little screwy in that they made the posts triangular so your coil leads go in at an angle. Both coils share a single hole in each post, so its a little trickier than a velocity style or postless deck to build but still not terrible. Because of the post configuration alignment to the size of the bottom air hole, its really ideal to use with round wire. For the price it should have included a bubble glass. The air flow is good and smooth but I would have preferred just a bit more. The short glass with the metal sleeve is just a waste of time and money. You can’t see when your juice gets low. I am mixed on this. It has good flavor and wicks perfectly but the juice capacity is small. I think its over priced for what it is.

The Nova mod has been solid for me so far. I took it on a trip with me for a few days and it performed well. It has really good battery life and the recharge is fast and seems fine. I used it with the Fireluke Mesh Pro and the triple mesh coils and I was surprised I was getting almost a whole day of use at 90 watts.


Arctic dolphin crea mech squonker, geekvape ammit mtl, “summers in Kentucky” juice while I’m hunting in the squirrel woods lol


As you can see by the patina I have been hitting this a lot - 20650 stacked “the ripper” by Deathwish Modz. Hits like a drunk uncle on New Years Eve.


Blue Steam Crave Plus with bubble glass on the midnight blue Legend.


Help me understand the Steam Crave love… I have had the Aromamizer v2 and the Supreme v1 and didn’t find them way better than other RTA’s? They’re good and all but I don’t understand the radical fixation…


Those two in particular are not IMHO even a shade on the plus (for the way I vape anyhow)


I don’t own either of the tanks you mentioned. I never bought them because of the smaller drip tips. I can tell you that the Plus is one of the best tanks I own. Great flavor and vapor, very well built.


Sharp lookin blues there sir


I will 3rd what @woftam and @Jim22 had to say, I like a lot of Steam Crave tanks but I LOVE the Plus, best tank they make by far.

It is one of the only tanks I have had in weekly use since it came out. I just checked and I ordered my first Plus September 2016!!! it has been more than 2 years and I just recently ordered 2 more as they have added the Single and Series deck along with the Bubble Glass. The new versions are better than the one I first ordered more than 2 years ago, mainly with the top cap but my original still works great.


Those top caps :smiley: - I have 4 of them that I have to remove the drip tip before filling (old version and non standard drip tip) I still use em tho :laughing:


Quick shot of the rabbit on the Charon mini. Stalling at the moment, delaying the pain of shoveling a foot of snow from a long driveway by hand. We don’t get enough big snows to justify a snowblower but these occasional big blows are a royal PIA.



I dug this thing out today, This was my comparable RTA for a long time and I haven’t used it for well over 6 months, turns out it still holds true, This is still my favourite RTA, the flavour and the appearance of it I still don’t think have been beaten, fucking love it :ok_hand::ok_hand::dash::dash::heart_eyes:


Got a Wotofo Elder Dragon single coil RDA. The air flow was just a little restricted for my taste so I drilled the four air holes out to 3/32". This thing has a lot of flavor and its easy to forget its a single coil. 3.5mm, 5 wrap fused clapton, 4X28, 38


Another aesthetically gorgeous combo!! :drooling_face:


Im reviewing that next, I like it too, hate the drip tip tho lol


Yeah I put an 810 on it. Much better :smiley:


So far I do like the Topside Dual. As of today all I have with BF pins that are usable are the Dead Rabbits.


Wotofo Profile on the Topside Dual. Brilliant little atty.



So I go in a vape store to just get cotton. I walk out with cotton AND a Hellvape Rebirth RDA. How does that happen? What sold me was the bottom air flow. I thought that it was going to be harder to build but its actually very easy to build. I have 3mm coils in it right now, but will try 3.5mm and maybe a 5mm single coil. The flavor is really good and it has all the airflow people like me want.