Vape Mail! 2018


Was given this mech mod today by a friend. It was a leftover that was getting thrown away from a vape store that closed. It says “Woody’s Mod” on it. It is very primitive and looks unsafe lol. I have no idea if this is one of the earlier mods made by Woody Vapes, or some obscure company, or just someones project. If anyone has any info, please let me know.


Is it an IED? :laughing:


Bruce Pro dreams up some cool ideas I have the bushido (dovpo) that he designed that has the little dripper dome - it is a really nicely made rda - and the dome thing works pretty well at dripping right onto the coils.


What a great idea, I always angle the RDA with dual coils to drip on them


The dome is on this model too with squonk holes. It works really well. I’ve found if I gently blow into the RDA before inhaling, it forces any lingering juice off the dome. I am only on my first build and the flavor is just ok. It improved by pushing the coils closer to the center post. I am not a fan of the one piece Ultem barrel and drip tip. If you have the air flow wide open like I do, there is no need for the metal cover. Hopefully will do more builds on it soon.


I got the Monday Blues :grin:


Oh ya Babbbbby!!! Love the stabwood on that SL! That is insanely gorgeous!!!


Yeah, it is a sweet mod and your review was spot on :+1:


That one speaks for itself. It’s performance says it all.


The SL Brothers. The one on the right is the left handed model


Love the left handed version


I wasn’t going to buy this RTA, but I am kinda liking the Dead Rabbit SQ RDA, so thought I would give it a try. So far I haven’t been overly impressed with top air flow RTA’s, but it was in stock and staring at me, and hey, it comes with a free sticker!



Please give it at least a quickie review after you’ve used it a bit. Have you tried the intake? I think highly of them, but that and three bucks will get you a cup of coffee at the end of the day.


I do have the Intake. It was my favorite top air flow RTA, but still a bit restricted for my needs. I still prefer bottom air flow RTAs like the Wisemec Bellerophon, the Vandy Vape Revolver, Kylin Mini, etc… I get better flavor from them and less restriction.

I used the Dead Rabbit RTA last night with dual 3mm 26 X 32 6 wrap Kanthal coils. As with the Dead Rabbit SQ RDA, I was worried about the highly elevated deck and the long drop for the cotton tails. Nothing to worry about, it wicks like a champ. The flavor is pretty darn good, not as good as the better dual coil RTAs, but better than most. Still only the first build though. The air flow is far superior to the previous top air RTAs. More air and it doesn’t have to travel as far, and interestingly enough, it is directed to the coils quite well.

Tonight I am rocking a single 4mm flattened fused clapton. 4 core X 28 X 36, 5 wraps. In my opinion, this is what is optimal for this RTA. A big tasty single coil. There is a bit of whistling and harmonics. If noise bothers you, skip this one. I could care less if a tank is leak proof or spill proof, so I don’t care where the air comes in. Just that it tastes good and performs well.

The one thing I have noticed with both the RDA and RTA, is how well they dissipate heat. They just don’t get hot on me like some atomizers when chain vaping. Is this the best RTA ever? So far, no. But it is the best top air flow RTA in my estimation.


This post is solely designed to make @mjag and @Jim22 buy some more stuff (maybe I can snag @SessionDrummer as well) :rofl:

I loved the modfather rda and the modfather rta they were just my kind on toppers.

Voltrove has the 30mm Voltrove v2 ‘mini’ (mini cause it is small compared to the Voltrove v2 it is a piddly 30mm where the v2 is 41).

Anyhow they are getting hard to source now and I managed to find 3x gold ones that arrived today - the good news is I was speaking to Mark Mathis (owns Voltrove) the other day and there is a new one coming out the v2 35mm - I know he has 20 in stock prototypes with a couple of little errors.

New thing coming out! 35mm V2. Only stainless steel and only 500 will be made.

I have ~20 of these available, but there’s no serial numbers and the juice flow lock markings are lined up incorrectly.

@mjag if you want contact details for Mark I will drop them to you maybe he will part with one for a review?

The build quality of these is probably the best I have ever seen on a tank and they are flavour machines.

If you can grab one they are super worth the $.

Oh and my skull build stands arrived from Sth Africa today as well.


Wow !!! @woftam if @Mjag doesn’t want to review it (as if) drop my name !!! Never had one, but it sure sounds like I should.





Haha, I got 2 of the voltrove mini and yep, great tanks hut hadn’t heard of the 35mm, that sounds cool. Always wanted one of the 41mm voltrove, do you have one and how is it?


Na never went for the 41mm but I really should - it would mean i have to grab another HOG or steamcrave lol.


JIC I wanna build in the dark