Vape Mail! 2018



THANK YOU to all of my Degens! Not only is this the best vape mail, its the coolest damn birthday present ever!


woooh…that’s fucking beautiful VM…LOVE it…but not as much as you’re gonna :wink:


That is a Gorgeous bit of kit :smile:


Thanks vape bot! Lol


Right?! So shimmery! :sparkles:


Awesome stuff, whiterose sure does make some great looking gear :smile:


Vapebot’s totally flirting with you…


Needed new bottles. Trying the gorrila style.


it’s all I use now, got em in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml…sooo much easier than glass :+1:


Just waiting for my Nic River load on Monday. Gonna be Epic.


flavours?..I am soo behind on my mixing it’s unreal…


That among a shit load of bases. I am going to try to DIY some flavors. I have been wanting to DIY some things for so long. This is going to be my DIY year.


What a proper opening to the Vape Mail thread!
I’m so happy for you!! Simply stunning.


Wow, what a beaut :star_struck:


First day haul from ECC, I am going back with a forklift today :laughing:

I am going to put up a show thread after I sleep for 48 hours after the show, tiring but a hell of a lot of fun!


wowzas …fucking amazing haul brother…is that a different type of Popdeaze? …deep fried ice cream looks good too, any freebies or did you have to stump up??


Haven’t had a chance to try the Popdeeze yet. Didn’t pay for any juice but did but did for some hardware like the Wake littlefoot, QP design tanks and the Ammit 25, the rest were freebies for review. The discounts for what I did pay for was about 50%, couldn’t pass that up. Really wanted that Juggernaut RTA, it is like $90 normally and it looks sweet as hell!


Brilliant…nice work sir :clap: crazy jelly …


I just looked at the PopDeez and it says New right on the packaging…lol. It is Cinna Popdeez, a Cinnamon Roll Caramel Popcorn, smell great and tasted a little on my finger and wooooah, that is some cinnamon.

If you like Popcorn I did try this new juice I never heard of, Kernel Popcorn and Wow, tastes just like eating popcorn, that gave me a couple 30ml samples but it was sooo good in the tester I tried at the show.


Oh my goodness! Awesome array of shnizzle lovely :tada::tada: