Vape Mail! 2018


This friend of mine is in the automotive business and told me he was forced to move his production to China or go belly up. ( ignition coils and wiring harnesses etc.) Had a pretty good size factory in Logansport Indiana. Gone along with a lot of jobs people need.

I was born in and raised in Kokomo Indiana which was home to Delco Radio. Then it became Delco Electronics and employed over 20 K people. Then it became Hughes, then Delphi, then others I can’t remember and is now General Motors Holdings and Delphi… Parking lots are near empty and most of the plants torn down and turned into city parks.

I know that most of the time I come off as an angry old lunatic but am old enough that I watched all this, so I AM angry. I got out but the vast majority didn’t. And now …what you said. The products are about all shit.


the woes of the consumer oriented economy

When I was born, my parents bought a new washing machine which lasted for over 30 years. Nowdays a new washing machine lasts for 3 years and i consider myself lucky. Cars made in the 60’s are still on the road, but nobody drives a 2001 whatever since it’s already junk. When you make good products you don’t sell enough, and go out of business. When you make crap, you sell tons of it …


Oh hell ya. Used to tear my hair out with substitutions and changes deemed inconsequential and not passed on. Spent way too much of my life on planes because of that shit. I hate to say it but it’s my opinion one can get their expectations to high very easily in regard to vape gear. I’ve seen no Bulova or Rolex. This is a Timex industry if you get my drift. I could be more critical with my reviews but it simply would not fit the industry. Even as it comes down to electrical characteristics, these chips used are getting the job done but are not close to entry level for most medical equipment. The noise I see on the output of most mods would kill septicemia testing equipment in a heartbeat. I don’t want to throw around qualifiers like fortunate or unfortunate but it is what it is.


Just got this. It’s for my wife. She loves purple and insists on single battery mods with TC. She carries a lot of stuff to work so small mods work best for her. This is the 1st Dovpo product for us and seems very nice for the intended purpose. Don’t get the name “Punisher 90” but don’t care either. It is 21700-20700-and 18650 compatible but she rarely drains an 18650 because she carries 2 or 3 mods to work.

I tried it in TCR with a single SS 316 coil and it works great. Navigation is easy. Screen is small but bright. It has a urethane or silicone type soft finish which seems like it will be durable. 25 mm tanks are the limit without overhang. Overall pretty impressive.


Looks great. Not to shabby in purple either :+1:


Sharp lookin! She’s gotta love that!


She did like it but my initial impressions of TC may be off. Nothing jumping out or anything like that but had to play around with the settings from where I set most other mods. Just seems kind of weak and works much better in power mode. I really can’t complain about a $40 mod but I don’t think they have TC worked out quite yet. She has 2 Sinuous P80 mods and despite the label they are tiny and have worked very well for her. Fit right in that suitcase she calls a purse. Definitely no mans land in that thing.

Edit: 24 hours in and now failing in TC. Set watts watts high and temp at 500F …piss weak. At least with the one in hand, it does not work for TC. Hits very good with power.


Sorry to hear it crapped out in TC. There really aren’t too many that do it well. Thank goodness it works in VW.


Yeah the Punisher 80 had really bad reviews and I bet this new one has the same fate. I have others that range from unusable in TC to mediocre which is why I’m pretty loyal to Smoant. But she can use it and its much easier to navigate. The lower button is “menu” which is a nice feature. I just don’t want people to buy this expecting good TC. IMO it ain’t gonna happen. Odd that it worked and then got progressively weaker. I couldn’t get more than 2.4 volts regardless of how I set it. Oh well.


Holy crap! A lot of mods won’t run that low. Appreciate you bringing this into the open. I really wish there were a way to set up a dbase of observations on a forum. Not one where everybody throws their two cents in and clutters things up, just here is an observation on device XXXXXX. I don’t think it’s practical application for a forum but I think it would be nice.


That’s been my experience with Nuvoton chipped devices. It’s “close” to good out of the box new. But then, at varying rates (anywhere from 2 days to two months) things progressively go downhill. =(

I’m not saying that’s what’s in it… But it shares the symptoms from the sounds of it. Especially being semi-decent in power.

The above combined is what leads to my suspicions.


I love this idea!!!

And I would love to help facilitate it. But, I really need a US source to supply me with the products much closer to release (or prerelease) if it’s going to benefit the actual buying public.

Even if we were to keep “commentary” separate, at least it would help knowing what chip is powering which device!


I appreciate that. I’m envisioning something similar to a flavors dbase with only observations. I agree too that because of the fast turn around of devices it would have limited relevance, especially as you note, by the time it comes from China it’s already at about half shelf life. I think it’s really more of a muse than anything. I just find google very difficult to use when directed to forums where most threads are endless babble and banter with little substance. Not real useful in determining efficacy.


I suppose it could be done like the recipe side here. Read only and conversations could be started elsewhere. Don’t know. I have absolutely no interest in doing reviews but these observations find their way into them anyway but hard to sort through for specifics. Might be a


I liked the original Loop so much, I just had to.



@Sprkslfly even if you had a slight delay in getting the product it would still benefit many people, especially someone like me that exclusively buys stuff from the clearance bin lol


I hear that!! That’s usually my price-range lol
That and, it’s usually had time to filter down what problems have been recurring (I typically file one-off reports in reserve as “might happen, but not likely to”).

You can save your money on the ANT225 chipped devices IMO (though others here haven’t had much issue with them.) Not that I’m right, or they are, just that “one’s experience jades the opinion” :wink: And that’s something that even though I think we all try not to let happen, it’s almost inherent if you have to form an opinion.


You know you’re in trouble when the box for the RTA is larger than the box for the mod!



Some treats from Darkstar :yum:


Bruce Pro Innovations Yellowjacket RDA.