Vape Mail! 2018


Yeah, the look didn’t appeal to me and the smoked glass is a definite con but I didn’t know about that. I assume it is the same chip as the Cylon or Charon mini being a 218 w. I’m waiting to hear about the Naboo but looks like it is just a repackaged Charon mini. Obviously I’m a big fan of Smoant but this stuff makes me wonder if they haven’t hit their peak and are now on the downslope. I much prefer the Cylon but have to say that I guess I’ve been very lucky because I have not had a problem with any of them. Others have. Pugs screen, Eddie’s puked, and Sprkslfly has performance issues with the mini where i get nearly identical performance with the Cylon. Quality control and dumbassery? Definitely with that weird ass thing Ogre reviewed.


Ohhhhh, love the voltrove mini…yeah, mini compared to the 41mm…Lol. how do u like the MF RDA? Not crazy about that one myself, it is ok but nothing special, just comes in handy when you need a series deck


Yup exactly that. It isn’t terrible but it isn’t stella either. But the price voltrove are selling for atm is stella. They have a few left over that had faulty glass so they are shipping them out with no glass top cap at a little under half price


Holy crap! 8.5 volts on a stick! Get ready cause here it comes!!!


ya is a pretty epic vape - to use @Steampugs words "hits like a drunken uncle " (at least I think it was pugs that used it if he didn’t he should lol)


In guessing it’s the same as in the Charon Mini (by release dates).

I’ve already verified that the Cylon and Charon Mini are two completely different firmware.
And given I did a complete strip down on the Charon today (to find the chipset), I’m compelled to go ahead and break out the soldering iron and do the same on a working Cylon.
I can’t stand knowing (and reporting on) one, and not the other. Especially when it’s the superior one (Cylon) that I don’t know. lol

Stay tuned! :wink:


OK!! It’s official!
They are two WHOLLY different animals!

The Charon Mini operates on a “Holtek HT32F52352” ARM cpu (generic hunk of shit IMO), and the Cylon (gorgeous workhorse that it is) operates on a ST Microelectronics (long respected name in silicon for decades) STM32F412.

Charon Mini FW version: 1.3.1 (latest and current)
Cylon FW version: 3.0.8 (was on my original Tarnish, as well as the one much later, black)

HUGE difference in why the Cylon is so reliable (as well as the firmware tools/code) IMO.

Other interesting tidbit: My Cylon’s (Tarnish) CPU was made in France (“VQ” production code). Though there was a revamp to support the hugely popular chipset, and they extended production to their Taiwan Fab as well. So I’m betting that my black one’s cpu was made in Taiwan (though I have not confirmed this yet), and those have an ST production code of “9R”.

Even still, I trust ST Micro HEAPS more than I trust the Nuvoton crap, and until Smoant can show that Holtek is capable of stability, they’re not much above Nuvoton IMcurrentO.

Since they’re both the same form factor…(32F series, and 64pin)
I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that I could drop an ST chip in the Charon Mini, and with a bit of firmware finagling, could have another stable device! (but of course have to account for the difference in screen size, after finding a way to do a factory dump of the Cylon’s FW.)
Interesting, yet random thoughts abound… grinning


Makes me more curious what’s inside the Naboo.


Makes me think they’re not doing their own thing (as I initially hoped) but are job-batching models (or even order runs) through different assembly houses, As each product is designed (and even possibly, as reordered).

Reasons for suspicions/questioning:

  • Different chip use from one product to another. (Holtek on the Charon Mini, ST on the Cylon)
  • Level of care/attention to detail during the assembly process (small things like glue around the lcd mounting on the Cylon, but not the Charon Mini)
  • Different lcd screens within the same product line (solid black backlighting on the Tarnish, blue tint on Black Cylon, obtained 6-8 months later)

And, there’s also the extreme outlying chance that I received a clone (Charon Mini), but I find that EXTREMELY unlikely. I’m more inclined to believe it’s a small team of devs/designers, batching jobs out…

Even though they’re obviously not making their own chips (as we’d previously been led to believe: the ANT versions) I do appreciate that they are currently “telling us” when they switch sources, and what chip is in which one (even though we need someone to translate what that actually ‘means’):
Ant 225 = Holtek
Ant 218 = ST Microelectronics

At least they aren’t obscuring the data by lasering off the top of the chip!

Given the product page says it’s the 225 chip…
I’d bet it’s the Holtek. :wink:
But that’s just an educated guess.


Nom Nomz Jamerang and pope brewers vanilla custard supreme


Are you doing a review on these? I’d like to hear your thoughts either way.


I have 3 of these Coilart Mage GTA’s and yes the original glass sizes suck. After seeing your post I did find them at DH but for whatever reason had to order 20 of them. Nah. So I went searching and found this guide at FT for replacements. Pretty good list of what interchanges and hard to find on their website.


Didn’t really come in the mail, but it did come today :slight_smile:


Weird. They are a real good atty with the bubble tank.


Yeah I thought the flavor was really good but the trapped air bubbles bugged me plus the capacity sucks with the original glass. Empty every time I picked them up. Ordered 4 plus replacements for others too. Pretty handy list of what interchanges and I had searched before and didn’t find anything but maybe I don’t know how to navigate their site properly. Found it with Duck Duck Go instead of their search.


I don’t think I’ll do any review’s on them but i can give a quick opinion. The Naboo looks nice, functions properly and I like the larger screen but I don’t like the plastic screen cover they went with. It’s thin plastic that’s already scratched up and I’m easy on my gear. So I don’t know how it’s even getting marked up. Maybe the soft cloth I’m using to keep it clean.

It’s like something they would put on a smok mod, just cheap. The Mini’s screen looks to be scratch resistance.

Also I don’t care for the fire button on the Naboo, it has a nice click but again it looks and feels like a cheap piece of plastic.

The button on the mini is a lot nicer. The Mini also (to me) fits better in my hand. I didn’t notice much difference in the performance in the two. The mini is more my style. Looks classier too imo. I don’t get into the technical side to much so I’ll leave that up to the tech guys. They both are still very nice mods though. Oh and the Naboo mesh tank is great! Plenty of flavor, I haven’t checked the price on the coils so I don’t know the cost of using it yet.


Maybe you’re too careful with it, lol. Haven’t got any scratches on mine yet and really haven’t handled it with any particular care. You need to knock it around more.


lol yeah maybe :grin: idk weird…


Thanks Eddie. Its always good to get different opinions and it seems like things are getting so competitive that all these companies are throwing stuff at us to see what sticks. Personally I couldn’t care less about all the bells and whistles and just want performance that works for me but if a screen cover is going to scratch easily Its definitely something to consider. Just like Fizze’s observation that the mini tips over easily. He’s right, it does and it irritates me. But its not a deal breaker. But I agree with Ogre; that scope doesn’t lie.

I think the Cylon should be the benchmark they maintain but as a small group there have been more Cylon failures among us than the Mini by a good measure. Pugs got a piece of crap and yours failed quickly. What to attribute that to remains open. I am told by a friend that flies to Shenzhen monthly that subbing out manufacturing and assembly is the norm and that their entire system is much much different being that everything is government subsidized and controlled including allocating of work. I’m not concerned about this as a consumer. This has gone on in US manufacturing for many decades in one form or another. Ideally and politically, I do and have opposed it.

I go to the Evolve forum pretty often and even with their reputation there are a lot of people that get things that simply don’t work correctly. It is to be expected but overall they make some great products. I think Smoant does too. If we had access to failure rates my opinion might change.


I have a friend who is an engineer. He used to have to fly regularly to China to do quality control. He would always come home very frustrated. Materials would be substituted all the time without any notice or approval. Sometimes serious safety related issues like substituting smaller wire gauges which couldn’t handle the rated amperage. Relays, capacitors, all kinds of components that were rated less than what was called for.

The industry I was in was the same. Once manufacturing shifted to China, the quality dropped and our suppliers lost millions and millions of dollars giving away free materials and covering the cost for our labor to replace faulty crap. Stainless steel devices no longer held up for decades, but rather sometimes a year or less. Redundant safety switches , circuit boards, electric motors, it all sucked.