Vape Mail! 2018


oh that was decided a long time ago (the addiction) . Some flv are just not available here in au and they are hard to get shipped since they are on the no fly list (shipping of ‘dangerous goods’ is expensive). They are not all for me tho - only one set is mine.


Restocking. My first time trying the CNT nicotine. Its origin is Switzerland. They make good chocolate and cheese, hopefully the nic is good too.



Give it time my friend. Give it time…


Kind of a exciting end to the day yesterday. Received some vape mail from Smoant, The Charon mini and the Naboo kit.

I picked this up the other day too VPdam Leon Squonk.

Not to sure about this thing, I don’t mess with mechanicals.


Grabbed myself some Nom Nomz Dough Boy from the local Make my Vape shop today, great customer service, very polite helpful staff.

A scrumptious sugary doughnut, injected with thick creamy custard with a dollop of blackberry jam… nom nom.

Tried it freshly made and its gonna need some time for the dough and custard to come through but the blackberry jam is pretty delicious tbh :yum:


Definitely sounds nummy!


Picked up the Stacked RTA. Also got a display model Niagara for $20.



Nummy, Sparky? :rofl:


Yes. Nummy, Phil. :stuck_out_tongue: lol


Can’t give you too much shit. I’m often guilty of really silly phraseology myself. Maybe not on an all adult forum, but still… :grimacing:


I have to balance my tendency towards highly technical somehow… chuckles
And sometimes it’s nice just to be “light and whimsical” with the slightest air of “I just don’t give a fuck” (because “I care all too much” the majority of the time. Or so it seems). :wink:


Balance, the key to life. I guess you have to find the line between writing a technical manual and ripping off some Suessian banter wherever you can. Who’s a good Sparky? YOU’RE a good Sparky!!!


Me in front right, Fizze left rear (after such a compliment…)


Fresh out of the mailbox. 2 (more) Kylins for her, an Intake and vape mat for me. Can’t wait to try the intake but can’t taste anything right now. Hay fever. Pretty nice vape mat from Element for $4.


Dang I need to stay away from the clearance bin.



Woah this will be big!! The stack compared to my original non stack


Some awesomeness from Voltrove


That’s one Smoant I haven’t tried. Any good?


Doesn’t need words


Seems ok in wattage mode. Haven’t tried TC yet. Nice feel. Fire bar has a little wiggle to it. The screen is really dim even with the brightness on max. Why does anyone used smoked glass on their screens?