Vape Mail! 2018


The basium will probably be what I get unless someone comes out with something better by the time I can afford one, I would love a duel 21700 with a 10ml bottle lol especially if it retails for under $100 and I can find it on sale for 60-70 lol. temp control is a waste for me with a squonk mod, I only ever used it for rda’s to prevent accidental dry hits from forgetting to drip lol


I am happy that Dovpo is getting some of the attention it deserves with the Basium. I think they have been overlooked and under rated. Although I only have two of their mods, I am definitely a fan. I prefer dual battery mods, but I will buy the Topside as soon as it hits the stores mostly because its a Dovpo.


And so, Ogre, what exactly are you showing us?


That is a Mage GTA. It’s not new. It’s an old single coil. The one that the juice would not flow around the chimney because it was too large.

Yes! You guessed it! A bubble tank that fits!! No leaky!!! Great vape!!!


Nice work mate which bubble glass worked?


It is a vapesoon Pyrex Glass Tube actually made for the Coilart Mage. Found it at DHgate.


Trying something…


I think the new FA vanilla ice cream is very, very good and have always liked the others. I about replied to your MM post about using all FA to make it. I think I’ll mix this too.


I preordered a few of these bad boys almost 2 months ago - i missed out on the first run of 200 by a small number. The mods finally arrived today gotta say it is a great mod and a little taller than a hog aside from that it is pretty much the same size. I do like the way that it adjusts the voltage the button is also the pot. Most certainly not a pocket carry :rofl:.


I’m trying not to have high hopes for this, but the Aqua Reboot was really good. I wish that they would have called it The Mistress. Then I could throw out innuendo and talk about black latex catsuits and my Elvira fantasies.


The Oak Ridge Boys. Elvira, classic tune!!


Instead, you’re left with “water sports”. gotcha. :rofl:


Fixed it. :wink:


Local place had this for $16. Couldn’t pass it up and they had blue.



Man! The deals you find brother! :laughing:
Very cool!


I’m eyeing this one as well. What do you think of it?


I like the quality and its very easy to build on. The air isn’t quite wide open, but still plenty of air. I am only on my first build and the flavor is good but nothing special. I’ll update after I try some other coils later.


I’ve tried three different builds. All flat claptons of varying sizes and number of cores. NI80, SS and kanthal. Tried them high, low and in the middle. The flavor is just average. Its a nice looking RDA, but gets pretty warm when chain vaping. A lot of good RDAs out there that perform much better for me such as the NADA, The XVX XRDA, the BTFC and the Profile. I’ll keep trying but so far just average.


Thanks for the info. I guess I was expecting too much from poopoo :smiley:


Epic Vape mail


Looks like someone is addicted. That one order is about 3x the whole flavor stash I have :smiley: