Vape Mail! 2018


Ya, It wont fire if it’s raining outside.


Is that a built in battery??


Got a 21700 in there. The bottom screws off.


Hoping this is a good one.



2X Black Mage by Coil Art… Old single coil style…


You also hear the voices, I thought it was just me :thinking:


My reviewer mod the nada by Fagan and the basium by the vaping biker - pretty nice combo.


I’ve been eyeballing the basium, it’s priced very reasonably at least lol when’s the review coming?


If i get a bit of time I may do a quick one - not much to review it is super simple and does exactly what it is meant to do.


I like simple in a squonker lol


Took advantage of the $9.99 Vaptio Captn offer. So I got the X RDA, Smoant Battlestar RTA , and the Vandy Vape polishing rig.



This is the mesh rebuildable I have been waiting for. It is really really good! Incredible flavor, great air flow and no dry hits. I seriously may never use another coil RDA again.




Nice haul Jim! Digging the new seal too !!


Well you see, it was like this… I was just nearby my local VaporDNA, and I had a 20% off Labor Day code, and then there was a time where everything went all fuzzy… and then I was home with this new Dovpo Basium squonk mod. Someone call Rod Serling. Maybe it was a group of bigfoot that abducted me… yeah thats it… bigfoot.



Ya buddy! I know of what you experienced. Wake up in another room with a new mod. The farce is strong within you!


I entered into a fugue state and when I recovered, found that I had a Blue Profile in my possession. Ever since I bought the Paranormal some strange things have happened. Speaking of which, I saw the PSO Triade up close. It really took all my willpower not to buy it. I just don’t use triple battery mods enough to justify it and to me its just not quite as sexy as the Paranormal.

Well I guess I can put this blue Profile on my new blue Basium… and it will be for strictly research … of course.



I’ve been eyeballing the basium hard lol if I had the extra funds I would already have it, would love to hear your opinion on it once you have had it long enough to develop one


So far, this is what I think about the Basium. Overall I like it a lot. I might not have bought it had I not owned the Dovpo Trigger 168. I have been very impressed with that mod. Its a workhorse.

I am not real crazy about the whole sled bottle carrier thingy. Its a way to make it work, but it adds another part to keep track of and another step to the refilling process. You always have to cover the fitting on the sled when inserting the bottle. It is nice that they give you two carriers and two bottles though. Also you can fit standard bottles in it. Of course my dream mod has dual batteries and a 20ml bottle.

Sometimes the lack of features is noticeable. It takes longer to ramp up than the Rage, and I find myself setting it a few watts higher than the Rage. I don’t see anything in the instructions for preheat, but I’ll have to watch some reviews and see if its hidden somewhere.

The battery life doesn’t seem as good as the Rage especially after the Rage firmware update. The battery life isn’t bad though. And that brings me to another sticking point. There will never be a firmware update for the Basium and no chance to increase battery efficiency since there is no USB port.

It seems solid and well made. For my needs and demands it comes in a good solid second to the Rage. I wouldn’t feel terrible if it was the only squonk mod I could use. I wouldn’t pay full retail for it and think a good value price would be in the $50 range.


Myfreedomsmokes had it for $45 last time I looked, which is way cheaper than the rage, I’ve also heard some things about the quality of the rage board that make me worry, although actual complaints about it are not very prevalent. The squonk bottle capacity on the basium seems kinda sucky for a 2 battery mod though, seems like everything has a fault somewhere lol


From DJLsb the guts of the rage is made by Nuvoton so at its heart it is basically a Smok mod (not sure if the firmware is better or not) this is why I went with the Basium. i really like a lot of the stuff Dovpo put out - I just got the VEE which is a ripper so far.

Typically they just do simple no tc mods that are made & work well. I have never had one fail me yet can’t say the same of Nuvoton and Smok.