Vape Mail! 2018


Cheers @mrpipes :smile:


So, my nic salts should be coming today. Should I post a long and tedious delivery path saga again? :rofl:


Ya if you could lmao - but let me know how you go with em interested to hear your thoughts.


Keep us posted @FizzeWizze :grin:… I would like to hear your thoughts on the salts also…


I’m obviously not going to make you suffer with a bunch of shipping BS. But I do plan to try a quick S&V with the salts to see if I can get an early idea of how it seems to feel.


Happy Birthday old chap :dash::dash::dash::new_zealand:


Happy Birthday @Grubby ! :birthday::cake::gift:


Thanks @Jim22 and @G-Fog Much appreciated :beers:


I love little discoveries you make while mucking around with new gear.

The Asylum Mods Sherman 25 (auth) in gunmetal - rather than spend the $25 (au) for the ultem bubble glass (should it still be called bubble glass if it is ultem) grab a bubble glass from the uwell valyrian and it is a perfect fit and costs $1.35.


Nice “Pro tip”! And looks good too!
Far better than Ultem ‘glass’ :crazy_face:


Got any tips like that for the boreas v1 lol


What’s wrong with the good ol’ Boreas? Just looking to increase capacity?


No, just compatible spare glass lol


Take measurements with a Vernier Scale and jump on fasttech and look for a bubble glass that matchs (i dont have the v1 so I am not sure)


I am supposed to be saving money, but I just had to grab one.


@Jim22 You probably SAVED money, by buying that lil’ gem !!!


I dooded it. One each Triade 250C paired with an intake. Oh my goodness, what a vape!


Taking the Steamcrave Glaz for a run. It isn’t bad flavour wise pretty easy to coil and wick just a bit of a shit to fill with anything but a needle nose bottle (single small fill hole).

I should have taken a pic before i vaped it as the coils look way cool (they look totally submerged until you vape it then it is just a fog lol)
(not my pic)


It was the voices I tell you, the voices!


Designed by Mopar? LMAO