Vape Mail! 2018


My name’s Fizze, not rolf. But thanks.


OooooPs… rofl… Oh boy…


One more update to go!!! Would have been zero but Sparky had to point out what an annoying dullard I was!!


Well Shizam! I just blew by your place last week on my way out and back from my Grandson’s wedding in Independence. Would have honked if I had known.


Did you see the Muffler Man?


Why that I did! I though it was a tribute to Paul Bunyan.


They are a roadside icon in America, first created to sell, what else, mufflers. They’ve become highly coveted and treasured members of the communities in which they are found. I wish I had my own, but I claim the Skyline one as my own. As for the Skyline one (the one by me in Foristell), it is the only known MM to exist that has one arm formed to hold a muffler, and the other arm raised above his head in a big salute. A true one of a kind!! Side note- earlier this year, ours was broken in half in a windstorm after proudly standing in place since 1998. It was repaired, restored, and is back in place! Looks brand new and I’m so proud of my Muffler Man.

How do you like that for painfully hard to read, Sparky?


Wow, I had no idea I was in the presence of such a celebrity! Passing it will never be the same. Is there any ritual I need to know as a proper passing? In Kazakhstan we stopped at every little tent or pile of rocks that marked a profit and stood around for a bit. No, that’s not it. I70 would be backed up to New York.


Yes. You simply wave to the Muffler Man to return his generous greeting. I swear I do it every time I pass, have for the last 17 years. No worries; I know I’m insane.


Stuff it in the mailbox already!!! Still out for delivery.



Amen I say onto you!!! Time to start the grill!!!


Thank God for that :grin:


I would have got mine first but had to work all day and couldnt get the to depot.

But I will take Friday in china Tuesday in my hands in rural Australia


Little birthday gift


Is today your birthday?


It is, I’m 36 today :smile:


Right on Grubby!! Happy Birthday Bro! It’s to early to have a beer but a toast to you man!!
I turned 36 in January.


Cheers, it’s never too early to have a beer! :laughing:


Happy Birthday Grubby ! :birthday: