Vape Mail! 2018


Goon clone RDA


I got a goon RDTA clone the other day and it’s just terrible (or I just don’t know how to wick it which might be the case :smiley:)


My vapemail. Just the mod :slight_smile:


250ml Raspberry truffle shuffle and 10 x 10ml VG based nic shots (45p each) :yum:


Had to stock up for Xmas :yum:


I hate to ask… But have you given up on “mixing”?
(meaning: from scratch)

Or are all these one shots I’ve seen you post just “too easy to pass up”? I know they’ve got to be convenient.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s ALL better than smoking etc. But I had to ask. :wink:


These one shots are fantastic value for money and a great way to try new flavours


Got the Fatality and Voltrove both on the same day. Funny how a package from Central Canada can make it to Southern California just as quickly as from Northern California.



I’m supposed to be living through you, not falling into the shiny trap!! But that Fatality looks so good!!


Quick peek at the new Crown iV - I won’t be doing a full review but will throw some thoughts out on it once I have time. I did always like the clear cases crown used but it appears they have moved away from them.


It’s a sharp look in that deep blue!


Picked up a Vapefly Pixie and some OFRF Mesh strips for the Profile. OFRF just came out with a small interesting looking RTA too.



Did you have a crown 3 and if you do could you see if the new mesh coils fit in the crown 3 please lol I would like to see how uwell does mesh as I have tried the horizon falcon and the freemax. uwell has always been a flavor tank company to me, but I can’t buy a new tank that’s not an rta lol


Ya the coils are not interchangeable at all they have a different diameter and wont seal the c4 coils also look to be a little shorter


Really interested to hear what you think. Had a chance to try it at the vegas show but they didn’t have the mesh coils yet, just there SS916 or something like that coils. Wasn’t a juice in it that I was familiar with but didn’t make me want to give up my Crown 3 which I am a big fan of.


Ya, I just filled it and vaped it. It is very similar to the Valyrian in draw and flavour. It is a little airier than the crown 3 I put that down to the size of the coil. It is significantly shorter than the crown 3 which could be considered a plus for some. It is not a huge change in flavour but I do think it is slightly better, possibly due to a combo of the coil and the decreased height.

I quite like it but since I have no clue what the TCR for ss904 is I haven’t played with it in TC at all (and probably won’t) it does vape very well at 120w on the tac21. Wicking is good even on a big draw - no dry hits whatsoever.

If any of our boffins have a TCR for ss904 I will throw it on a TC mod and test it out.


Agreed @Sprkslfly.


I bought a Mystery Box from my local VaporDNA for $99.99 which were originally $199.99. A few had the Driftbox mod in it with a DNA 250 chip, quite a few had SX minis. I was not so lucky but still not bad for the money.

Suorin ishare kit with power bank. Geek Vape Nova Kit. Project Sub Ohm Desire X Mini. Silverplay MTL RTA, Smok Xpriv mod, Smok Hpriv kit, Smok Resa Prince tank, Hellvape Aequitas RDA. I’ll keep the Nova, PSO Desire X and the Aequitas. The rest will be given away.



@woftam is a bad influence, just had to :grin:

4mm ID 6 core fused claptons with room to spare, the Valhalla is no joke!


Oh the Enabler King blaming someone else for his purchase! Thats a good one! Although @woftam did force me to buy that well built flavorful Voltrove monstrosity among other things. That Valhalla looks tasty and Vaporlicious.