Vape Mail! 2018


Goon clone RDA


I got a goon RDTA clone the other day and it’s just terrible (or I just don’t know how to wick it which might be the case :smiley:)


My vapemail. Just the mod :slight_smile:


250ml Raspberry truffle shuffle and 10 x 10ml VG based nic shots (45p each) :yum:


Had to stock up for Xmas :yum:


I hate to ask… But have you given up on “mixing”?
(meaning: from scratch)

Or are all these one shots I’ve seen you post just “too easy to pass up”? I know they’ve got to be convenient.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s ALL better than smoking etc. But I had to ask. :wink:


These one shots are fantastic value for money and a great way to try new flavours


Got the Fatality and Voltrove both on the same day. Funny how a package from Central Canada can make it to Southern California just as quickly as from Northern California.



I’m supposed to be living through you, not falling into the shiny trap!! But that Fatality looks so good!!


Quick peek at the new Crown iV - I won’t be doing a full review but will throw some thoughts out on it once I have time. I did always like the clear cases crown used but it appears they have moved away from them.


It’s a sharp look in that deep blue!