Vape Mail! 2018


not sure actually…got the steam crave downstairs but ive not even taken it out of the box yet…bin there ages, I’ll have to see…lookin at it im guessin it’ll be close on the 2 big ones


Thanks man thats the info I wanted, .21 …I can work with that…just…lol


He sent me the Voltrov RTA too for taking so long with the order, things a beast man I love it, amazing flavour, builds at .13 though so its on the legend for now :dash::dash::ok_hand:


For the smaller in the flock you could look at a Neutron - i have vaped one but dont own one it wasn’t terrible


ive ive got one…or I had one, i’ll have to check, didnt realise you could series build it?..


This is a tangent but I feel compelled to share. I think we all complain about delivery times on occasion but I have to say these folks boogie down! Shit don’t sit long. This is plain ole Fedex ground. Check out the transition times…


I’d say that’s pretty damn impressive!! My last online purchase, it was four days before I received shipping confirmation.


Those are my thoughts. Another one that gets shit done is DHL. Standard post out of China is always 30 to 40 days for me. DHL express gets it done in as little as six days flat. I have no idea how DHL does it but one vaping item was pushed through Chinese customs in an afternoon. I’ve had standard post items sit dormant for two weeks in customs.


I won a giveaway from heaven gifts on the 18th. I received it yesterday afternoon. That’s a total of seven days.
Shipper = DHL
They’re doing something right!!


I was hoping to have the Charon Mini this week, but that possibility is quickly waning. Maybe I got a little spoiled with the last few FT orders.


Last time I ordered from China I tracked it pretty much daily and then all of a sudden it went from “processing” to out for delivery with no updates in between. Total time was 16 days which surprised me and it was a great price. But I just don’t have the patience for it plus I think that if there is a problem the US seller is more likely to take care of it.

I hope you get them this week. Does sound like they have shortened the time by a lot.


That is VERY true and the single greatest caution involved. I’ll play this game until I get a dud, because you are correct. I will be basically SOL unless I go along with their demands and make a video of the fault, do a rain dance, and burn incense to get a replacement.


Other than the long delivery times, I’ve only had 1 situation where an item arrived and was unusable (the top fill cap couldn’t be removed to fill the tank - even took a pair of plumbers wrenchs to try to unscrew it and tore off the chimney!). Couple of quick emails to customer service along with some photos, and a replacement item was in the mail – took just as long to get delivered, but it wasn’t a bad experience – lol, no rain dance needed !
If this was an exception to their SOP, or their norm, I don’t know, but I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was.


That’s good to know, thanks. I’ve not had any negative product or service but I have read that the China vendors require a video of the fault along with several email exchanges before action is taken. If FT is straight up like that, then that’s great to know.


It was with GB. I asked if they wanted it back, and they said to just throw it away. I kept it for parts since I’m ALWAYS dropping mods and tanks.

I dropped and broke the glass on my steam crave Plus 2 days after receiving it, then about 4 months later, I was changing the coil, and I dropped the body onto a cement floor and dented the inner threading that screws onto the bottom JFC !!! A couple of whacks with the round end of a ball peen hammer and it’s mostly ok – tough to reattach the 2 parts but it still works.

Oh, my brand new LIPO mod, I dropped twice in the first day after assembly! The battery compartment lid has a very nice dent, and the body received several wonderful, and deep, scratches, but surprisingly the tank survived!
And THIS, my friends, is why I can’t have nice things.


Sounds like you put silicone spray all over your stuff just like my wife does! She once dropped a BRAND NEW Galaxy S3 and broke the screen 5 minutes after she left the store with it. I got her a case but she said to put it on later, it would be fine…


That’s the problem with wives. They really don’t have a good trade in value especially if you’ve racked up a few miles on them. Sometimes it’s best to run them till the wheels fall off and try to put up with the break downs. Even if you do get out from under one and get a new one it isn’t long before the newness wears off and the payments start exacting their toll. Your best option is to try to find a short term lease.


She passes the 143k mark tomorrow actually. She’s been ridden hard but well-maintained. I can guarantee after this one conks out, I will be using a cab when I need a ride, trust me.


Too bad you’re not an Ogre. You could just have a lunch and learn and call it good.


Man if you posted that a few hours ago I would have spit coffee all over my monitor. Classic!